Songs again. This is in response to the Day 2 quote of Jilly’s challenge:

“That morning the sun forgot to rise”  Jim Harrison.


The morning the deer come no more to the brake,

And the sight of your face is like cloud in blue skies,

When the thrushes are silent along the still lake,

Is the morning the sun will forget how to rise.


When the evening star falls through the oaks in the wood,

And the tides of the ocean cease their ebb and flow,

When the moon’s face reflected is red as shed blood,

Is the evening I’ll tell you I want you to go.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

12 thoughts on “Never”

      1. I’ll read it now as I am hanging out with insomnia. Thank you. That’s sweet. Btw, i haven’t forgotten Abomination. Lucy trod on my glasses the boof so they met their death. Reading for too long a time with my contacts gives me a headache. I will start it when my new frames arrive 🙂

      2. I hope you like it. Have you seen the film Wendy and Lucy? If you haven’t you should. Lucy will be in tears at the end. Don’t worry about reading. Wait for the specs!

      3. I just looked at the trailer for that film. Raw and heartbreaking. Spending $122 million on a same sex marriage non-compulsory ‘survey’ here that isn’t even binding to Gov when there are so many organisations that need funding and people homeless. Makes me mad. My first welfare job in my twenties there were so many women leaving their abusive homes, kids, pets and even if they brought their dog in desperation we couldn’t house them. It was a very sad job.

      4. It does seem that there’s a lot of money and hit air spent on tokenism. I wonder how many poor kids even know they’re transgender and have trouble deciding which toilet to use at school? I don’t doubt it’s a problem for a tiny minority, but can’t schools sort these things out in a sensible, compassionate way without needing legislation? Can’t people just marry who they want? I draw the line at incestuous unions as I’d ban dog and cat breeders from using them. It’s wrong for the offspring. As you say, there are far more far better uses for public money than useless surveys.

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