More stories on the way

By popular demand—well, a couple of people said it might be a nice idea—I am preparing a collection of fairy stories, new folk tales, and retellings of some old ones. I don’t have much time at the moment, so the checking through is taking forever. This is (probably) what the cover will look like. Sorry, I don’t know how to scale down from mega giant size.


There will no doubt be free review copies when it’s ready. That might not be until after we’ve moved though.



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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

37 thoughts on “More stories on the way”

    1. I love this painting. You’re right, it is so full of happiness. The stories have all come from prompts and been worked up into proper stories. I seem to have quite a lot that fall into the fairy story genre, so why not publish a collection?

      1. I’ll email you on that … I’m hoping to make a regal tour in the second half of September but let me know when this enormous upheaval occurs for you. I’m very good at packing and unpacking by the way. Virtually professional 🙂

    1. Thanks for the support, Claudia. I’ll really try to get them ready but the number of things to do has reached screaming point, so it won’t be until after the dust of the move settles.

      1. I know you will 🙂 The only reason I’m doing it is because I know there are a few people who will enjoy the stories. I’ve lost all confidence that there’s a great public out there gasping with their tongues hanging out for my stuff. I do it for the initiated 🙂

  1. Wow, Jane. I saw you mention a move before, but this sounds … gruelling. Where on earth are you moving to? Good luck with it all. As someone who has recently moved and found that stressful enough, I’ll be thinking of you.
    Good luck with the publication too – I do love that painting, great choice!

    1. We’re going to the depths of rural France, not on the tourist circuit, just rural and quiet, so there’s not much there if you get sick or need to change your computer. It’s the logistics that are so complicated with the youngest staying at school in Bordeaux (a big worry even if she’s in good hands), the new house having nothing in the way of mod cons since they had electricity put in about thirty years ago, and that only for overhead light. That’s the charm of the place, of course, and we’ll have to muddle along with medieval standards of comfort until we get ourselves sorted out.
      I don’t know if I’ll have time to get the stories out. I have to do a minimum of promotion, and with no internet,, that’s going to be difficult…

      1. Wow, that’s going to be so hard – the house must be magical for you to make the decision to move there. I do hope it goes well and you get all those logistics sorted quickly. Best of luck Jane

      2. Thermal underwear and socks, lots and lots of firewood … Is it a doer upper? I do hope it all turns out well for you and the move passes as easily as these things can. Will miss your posts over these weeks 🙂

      3. Thanks Lynn 🙂 The house is a stone cube with an attic, a barn, a cowshed and terracotta tiled floors. There’s electric lighting but most of the switches are deadly and there are no plug sockets. There’ s a stone sink and a tiny bathroom with a shower and a bidet but no bath. And there’s no heating. Yes, I suppose it is a doer-upper. Scary but exciting too.

      4. Haha! The very definition of a doer-upper 🙂 It must be beautiful though, to lure you back to pre war electricity and plumbing! Nice tin bath in front of a real fire then? Hope it goes well

      5. Thanks Lynn 🙂 It is a lovely place, and as soon as we get the old wood burner we’ve just bought fitted up with custom made pipes, we’ll be cosy. In one room at least…

      6. We’ve never heated any of the house at night, not even when we were living in the frozen north. It’ll be brisk during the day though since I’m not up to the usual outdoor activities like chopping down trees for firewood, fencing, ditching, etc etc.

      1. Yes, indeed. Move first. You don’t need two projects at the same time (says the person who thought it was a good idea to do two books at the same time). 😉

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