Catch a star, make a wish

A quadrille for the dverse prompt: hope.


Would that lie,

in the depths of the sky,

where bluebirds fly,

a hope, to grow

in sunset’s glow,

where stars seeds sow,

and a starman sings

and hearts have wings,

for on this earth

there is a dearth

of the soul’s true worth.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

52 thoughts on “Catch a star, make a wish”

      1. I should have said, I intend to keep my answers to myself, but sometimes, one or two slip out…It’s hard to know how the universe should be run and keep it to yourself 🙂

  1. “…for on this earth / there is a dearth / of the soul’s true worth.” Perhaps. Or maybe it’s just off to the side where we aren’t looking. However, your poetry remains, as always, light and deep.

    1. I’m a natural pessimist, Charley. When there’s a tragedy, people step up to the plate, but something has to hit us right between the eyes before we react. Catastrophes at the other side of the planet, or in the oceans, among animal populations, leave us more or less indifferent.

      1. Perhaps…. I won’t argue. Perhaps not an entirety of a people group; perhaps only a majority. Or a loud and blustery minority that hogs all the spotlight. It’s hard to tell with media.

      2. Some people are naturally generous, but most life by the maxim of ‘charity begins at home’ literally. I don’t know where that expression originated, but if it ever had a generous meaning it has been seriously perverted.

      3. Think children, spouse. Where is real charity without if those within cower in fear or are forced to make do? Street Angel house devil.

      4. I don’t know that those who are generous with people they don’t know are necessarily brutish with the ones they live with. Some are. It takes all sorts.

  2. Snappy rhythm as you rock the prompt–with some metaphysics & romance stirred in for good measure; sweet.

  3. Smiling I am that this Jane….and loving every word. Most especially
    “where stars seeds sow,
    and a starman sings”
    I LOVE this image…it’s visual and audible….Wonderful!

  4. “for on this earth /there is a dearth /of the soul’s true worth.” I share in your pessimism. I don’t see change happening on the wings of hope (though we need that to start). Reactions and outpourings after these catastrophes are not enough.

    1. I didn’t like to say it, Mish, not being even remotely involved, but the shooting in Las Vegas was the result of one unhinged individual having access to far more far more powerful guns than anyone can justify. It’s gun laws that need tightening up, not prayers and solidarity, but as everyone says, if it wasn’t done after Sandy Hook, it never will be. Looks as though you’re going to have to make do with prayers instead of sensible legislation.

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