Shadorma: Will it snow?

A penultimate shadorma for the Along the interstice November challenge.


Bright sun warms

last summer’s grass seeds.

Will it snow

in the night

and cover seeds, berries red?

I feel bird-shiver.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

21 thoughts on “Shadorma: Will it snow?”

  1. The birds are not the only ones shivering here. But I have put out fat treats for them as a precaution … I imagine it will be a daily thing now. I like that.

      1. I have not idea what I am doing with the feed the birds thing but I do what I do and some benefit I suppose. IN the US the best site is Cornell but I have not idea here. They helped me there – could probably adapt here …

      2. Not in the little ones in walking distance and I seldom bother with the big ones but I’m taking the car to the airport to fetch a daughter tomorrow so I could dive into Carrefour before I got the peage. Good plan 😊

      3. Hovering just above freezing (1.1C) in the day and well below at night …. looks as though we might hit the giddying heights of 7 or 8 next week. Did you know that Grenoble has the greatest differential between high and low temps in France most years. Madness. So far no snow in the city though (and it is fairly unusual and seldom stays we being on a double alluvial plane) but the mountains are all gloriously adorned 🙂 What’s the temp with you?

      4. We can get the temp up to 14 or even 15° in the room where we work, but the kitchen is diabolically cold. The worst is going to be over this next weekend then, apparently, the temps are going up again.

      5. That’s the same here … I’m just praying (in the loosest sense of the word since I don’t actually pray) we get some sunshine so my daughter and son-in-law get to see the city looking pretty with it’s frill of snow-covered mountains 🙂 Hoping it warms and stays warm for you

      6. The sun’s just come out so the veranda will warm up—warmest unheated room in the house. Might get it to touch the 10° mark 🙂 I hope you get your share of the sunshine too.

      1. The last deer I saw was about a week ago and there were a couple of them just by the door. I couldn’t see them until we were outside because the car was in the way. They just looked at me as if to say ‘What’s the problem?’ Not frightened at all. Not until I tried to back up to the house (Finbar was quivering to get a closer look) and we knocked over the dustbin…

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