Three Line Tales: Bear

This is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales. I’m sorry if it’s grim, but the polar bear has become the symbol of all that is wrong with the way we are treating this planet.

photo by Caterina Sanders via Unsplash


The ice floe melted so the bear climbed wearily aboard the rough, unstable thing that floated past, hoping it would carry her to the ice where food bred and she could at last eat.

No seals, she found, no ice, but a barren place where bull walruses barred her route, shaking their heavy heads. “Go back, there is nothing here, no breeding ground, no cows, no calves, just men.”

The bear looked back at the empty north, south at the empty ocean, and as hope died, she let herself slip beneath the waves.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

18 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Bear”

    1. I’ve seen a couple of videos about dying polar bears that have moved me to tears. Why can’t it be people like Trump rumaging in dustbins because their food has all been vanished away.

      1. It’s a comfort blanket – therefore, like all things young children over-depend on like blankies and dummies, it needs to be removed kindly but firmly and burned.

    1. Who will they be saying it to though? Other people? Because there won’t be a lot else left. Are there many civilisations that have just vanished rather than been conquered by another one?

      1. Quite a few ancient civilization mysteries and disappearances for no apparent reason – or other groups even around.
        Not saying you are wrong at all. Just making an observation from geology/biology/archeology evidence. Simply saying all life forms have cycles and end points – and humans will reach it sooner of later.
        Who knows who/what will be the “top dog” after that.

      2. I hope I’m wrong too! It’s just that what happened to early people may or may not have been mysterious, but only one group ever disappeared at a time. Here we’re talking about what we as an entire species are doing to the rest of the world’s residents. It’s not the same scale, and this time, there is no mystery—we dunnit!

    1. Thanks Irene. I know these bear videos and pictures are being criticised because they can’t be linked directly to global warming, but misery is misery, and we know we are causing quite enough of it to be ashamed of ourselves.

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