Tanka Tuesday: Sky

This one is for Colleen Chesebro’s challenge. The prompt words (not) to use are Cover & Precipitation.


Blanket lifts, rain-wreathed

cloud fragments in bright sunlight—

world basks in blue sky,

high as forever it seems

to these awestruck, earthbound eyes.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

15 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday: Sky”

    1. Yesterday was a particularly gloomy day, not only because it had frozen hard in the night consequently the indoor temperatures were in the low 40°s F, but it rained more or less constantly. When there’s no sun, the house doesn’t heat up at all. By the mid afternoon it was warmer outdoors than in. Husband had been in to Bordeaux to pick up the tubes for the kitchen chimney and was up on the roof in the freezing rain trying to fit them. By the time it got dark he bowed to the inevitable—the tube wouldn’t get past the dog leg in the middle of the flue. Today he had to take them all the way back again to get them adjusted so each section is articulated. He’s just finished assembling the stainless steel snake, and it goes through! Whoopee!!! We’ll at last have some heat in the kitchen.

      1. It wasn’t exactly hot. The kitchen still opens off the barn which is no warmer than you’d expect an unoccupied barn to be 🙂 but it was so much warmer than it has been, it was blissful!

  1. A beautiful Tanka whose words evoke awe at simply being alive and experiencing the grandeur. Excellent! ❤

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