Haibun: Such a moon

A winter moon haibun for the dverse prompt. In memory of a great artist who is floating among the stars tonight.


There is such a moon tonight, so bright in the gale-swept sky, where rags and tatters of cloud still hang, motionless, like wreckage after a storm, such a moon to light the first night of a year that stretches ahead, dark and mysterious as a windy night. Perhaps she curves her path so close to touch a chord, to play on the strings that tie us to the heavens. There, above our heads, bathed in light is beauty that exists despite us, not because of us. Perhaps this will be the year we find the thread that links all things, and remember what it was like, to float among the stars.

Winter wind buffets

clouds from the distant oceanโ€”

all things pass in time.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

69 thoughts on “Haibun: Such a moon”

  1. ….’and remember what it was like, to float among the stars…’ I love the way you link the moon between us and the heavens. Your prose is effortless, and you conveyed the image of this natural beauty well.

  2. I gotta say, the first two lines made me say “wow !!” a dozen times inside my mind. “gale swept sky” “wreckages after a storm” beautiful lines, Jane! Gotta love your poetry!

  3. I love the ‘rags and tatters of cloud still hang, motionless, like wreckage after a storm’ – I’ve been looking at something similar this morning. But my favourite image is: ‘Perhaps she curves her path so close to touch a chord, to play on the strings that tie us to the heavens’ – you’ve given new meaning to night music!

      1. He was a true artist, interested in everything and willing to give everything a go. When you look at the competition…you keep looking and looking and wondering where it is.

      1. i agree Jane and you wrote this one with an extra scoop of delight. I love your writing but this one has some special magic in it, may be the moon is making me mellow!

      2. In town we never saw the moon for so long. There were too many buildings along the horizon and too much light. Here it’s dark, and we see the moon from when she rises to when she sets. It’s a different experience.

      3. it is a totally different experience, I grew up in a tiny village with no electricity and some nights walked home by moonlight only (when I forgot to refill the carbide lamps!) and I could see stars actually twinkling. I live in the city now and the moon is a at best a cloudy haze. And the skyscrapers hides a lot of the sky too, so I just admire the lights of the city.

      4. I grew up in the countryside outside a small town and I remember the stars and being able to see the Milky Way quite clearly. Since then, I’ve seen only the brightest of the stars. Coming here and that first night seeing so much sky so full of stars was breathtaking.

  4. This is such a reflective piece and so beautifully penned. I like how you write “beauty despite us and not because of us,” how true and most likely we would find a way to mess it up if we could.

    1. Thank you, Victoria. My feelings exactly. We’re always patting ourselves on the back for being the only animals to create and appreciate beautyโ€”we’re certainly the only ones to criminally destroy it.

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