Haiku: Hawk

Frank’s challenge word this week is ‘hawk’. I could probably write a small book of poetry using this theme. Here’s the first haiku.


Hawk hangs, light trembles,

wheeling cloud and grey feathers,

keen as the north wind.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

46 thoughts on “Haiku: Hawk”

    1. I live in the middle of a kestrel’s hunting ground and watch him/her every day. The buzzards get chased away by the other birds unless they come in a pack, but they are nowhere as graceful as the kestrel.

      1. The meaning would different from sentient life forms to another.. i do believe we’re moving in the right direction only we really need to make up for lost time, which all cannot be convinced so
        easily.. We should concentrate on those whom now of our existence, for their technology is far more polished than our own..

        Some travelled hear at first a whole lifetime, it was a one way trip.. Now but a short hop through space an time…

        What human have above all other sentient creature, is our creative minds.. That’s what’s feared an watch by all sentient life, , mostly unknown to us…

        One would be a fool, to even entertain the thought of there is no life out their an we are the only ones… What make us that special of a species…

      2. I agree, it does seem very unlikely that there is no other life in the whole of the universe. I’m inclined to believe that there is no meaning to life. It just happens, or not.

      3. Life after death, now there is an interesting topic!

        Life an death, to hold power over life an death, would be truly a power..

        i had lost my thought, any i remember now it’s about space an travel.. From system to system is approximately 10,000 times the length of the milkyway, the nearest sentient planet with star still alive..

        i’m being sidetrack big time, so if these don’t make a lot of sense …

        i miss you

      4. You are one of the people I haven’t met I would love to have a conversation with in ‘real life’. Space is just too huge to think about. I admire astronomers who can cope with the idea of such distances.

      5. Animal did wonderfully great before we arrived, they respect and loved Mrs. Nature..

        Here’s a thought, even though we’re so destructive, we also did fine before the lie of the church came along….

      6. Funny how you would mention a dear friends name!

        i lov

        chatting back an forth, you would not believe those that read, are comments..

        i don’t know this for fact, but have a feeling..

        One other question, whom are you?

      7. i ask the question because what we have discused in our comments…

        i’m often ask the same question.. The answer i give is 70% human 30% unknown..

        Would believe from 60,000 year from the future.. i came here to watch man being born, what i mean a ring of silver ship around a distination in space as the sun you know is birthed…

  1. After consulting the Oracle, I was out all day yesterday. I am just seeing this challenge now. It is definitely a Jane challenge! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like how you capture this moment–really lovely, Jane.

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