We build a winter fire on this night

Well, I did a ghazal for dverse. One for Brigid’s night.


We build our winter fire on this night,

Amid rose and sweet briar on this night.


To chase the shadows dim, beseech the light

To grant us our desire on this night.


Sparks rise up to the stars, a pure delight,

Spring hopes will never tire on this night.


Our songs and laughter, darkness put to flight,

Defy the storm crow’s gyre on this night.


The year has turned, no jealous sídhe or wight

Will drag joy in the mire on this night.


While I, the poet watch the firelight,

Flames climb, a scarlet spire on this night.




Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

39 thoughts on “We build a winter fire on this night”

  1. My family loves campfires, and your poem describes them well. I can’t wait for spring when we have our first fire in the firepit in our woods!

      1. Knowing Paul,, he left it pretty open and the rules were just for guidance. I find ghazals are tricky. I tried one before, which I think might have been one of your prompts but completely forgot how to do it this time. I had to work really hard at it.

      2. The problem I find with picking and choosing among the rules is that there’s the danger of losing the point of the form completely. I imagine Persian poetry was pretty strict about form and content. It’s a hard act to follow.

      1. There is that. And the ghazal makes a good poem when it’s done well, whereas some of the other forms that require syllable counts and a strict order of adjective, noun and verb don’t really do it for me.

      2. I used to like the Sunday Whirl and prompts like that but not so much anymore. I don’t want to be told what words to put in my work but that’s just me. Lol! I’m just getting over a cold have a nice weekend!

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