I will ride my dreams

I followed the link to Frank (A Frank Angle)’s writing challenge from Merril’s post. It is also the poem I’m contributing to the dverse open link night.


I will ride my dreams, red horses,

through dark billows of the night,

and blue horses in the green and gold of day,

following the scent, bee-kissed, of roses

and the honey taste of glycine on the wall.

I will paint a sky of rainbow mist, pearl

nacre like the deep gems of the sea,

where seals play and the dolphins sing.

I will ride my dearest blackbird-singing dreams

and fill them with the dashing verve of β€˜when’,

not let the timid caution of life’s ifs

dash them like cold salt water on black cliffs.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

79 thoughts on “I will ride my dreams”

  1. This poem is magical, Jane, with the colourful dream horses and the scent of roses. It’s dreamlike and fragile. I particularly love the ‘blackbird-singing dreams’. I had an encounter with a chubby robin this afternoon that was singing it’s heart out on a low branch of our cherry tree while I was bringing in some washing. I ducked back in to get my camera and had just got the robin in focus when it gave a chuckle and flew off!

    1. Thanks Kim πŸ™‚ The birds here are much wilder than garden birds. The robins come close to the house but fly off when we go to the door. The blue tits are funny. They flock around the bird feeder and when they think there’s no one there, perch on the veranda window ledge and peep in. It’s as though they’re weighing up the comfort inside.

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  3. Excellent and well executed poetic writing. You’ve done a great job with franks challenge prompt ‘If’. Lots of colored imagery in your writing…you have my respects as a very talented and brilliant writer that you are.

      1. Very much so. Your work has always made me feel safe and welcoming.

        Your poetry has a good harmony effect. πŸ™‚

        It’s okay…not everyone will get a hold or understand my work.
        I love experimenting with words and imagery, I know for some people its not for them and I completely understand. πŸ™‚

        I just noticed that this poem of yours is based on ‘Frank’s’ challenge of ‘IF’.
        Believe it or not, I too, last minute did franks challenge. I used humor on mine.

      2. I like experimenting with words and imagery too, but not in the same way. To me, each word has a recognised meaning. I can use the word in different contexts to make different images, but I can never get away from what the word actually means. To my way of thinking, if you try to give a word a different meaning to the one everyone else understands, you end up writing just for yourself because you’re the only one who knows what you mean. That presupposes that you actually want the words to mean something. You might just like the sound they make or the rhythm. I’d be interested to hear what you’re aiming for with the poem you wrote for the ‘if’ theme for example. It must have something to do with ‘if’ or you wouldn’t have posted it for Frank’s challenge.

      3. I agree with what you said in the beginning. It seems we both use ‘words’ & ‘imagery’ in different context. Like any writer, they have their way of experimenting, and other’s have a different method of what experimenting means to them.

        I did franks ‘If’ challenge and it was very stream of consciousness type of feel. It was all last minute and I’m proud of the outcome.

        And also, right about something…I do write for myself and I am the only one who understand the meaning of my work. Other’s do pick up the meaning or at least they have their own opinion about it. I love hearing different perspectives on my work and it feels different to read what others think and what my work means to them.

      4. I think what you do is spark a reaction. What other people get out of your poems isn’t necessarily the same thought line as yours, but if the words amount to something that sparks an emotion, it’s all good.

      5. Not a reaction, a deeper and emotional understanding in what this world is going through. It may not seem as though about writing about what is happening today but I am and I do it with a cryptic visual meaning to it.

      6. When you say ‘this world’ you mean your world. It isn’t something I recognize, and if it’s cryptic that makes it all the harder to grasp. I don’t think you’d recognize my world either. It’s the humanity that’s universal not the ‘happenings’. That’s how it seems to me anyway.

      7. Maybe. Personally I don’t suppose you know what people in downtown Tonneins are doing or thinking any more than I know anything about what people in Los Angeles are doing or thinking. I know what I’ve heard and seen about the Rohingya but I can’t imagine what it’s like to be one or to be a Burmese soldier. Events aren’t people. Humanity is something inside that we all have. It has to be.

      8. I’m well aware of what’s going on in other countries of the world. Believe me, it hurts me and I’m left crying seeing all the violence, the people crying and wanting peace. It hurts me and I’m always expressing everyone that I read or watch on the news through poetry.

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