They galloped away

A short poem for dverse inspired by this painting by Catrin Welz-Stein


Dreams grew

from storyland,

moonlit clouds and heady sunsets,

of winged horse-galloping,

a stone cottage

with roses round the door.

Dreams grew

into you

and when you left,

I found the clouds were full of rain,

And the roses, a tangle of thorns.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

66 thoughts on “They galloped away”

  1. What a wonderful response to the image! Dreams and galloping winged-horses…and then the disappointment in the leaving: clouds full of rain and a tangle of thorns. So glad you participated in the prompt! A number (including me) have used this image and each is so different 🙂

      1. And what is happiness anyway? People are always saying about their children, “I just want them to be happy.” I’ve never figured out what they mean by that. I want my children to value their lives, life itself, to be curious and aware, to feel connected to someone or something, but none of that has anything to do with “happiness”.

      2. True. We usually want our children to get a job that allows them to feel useful or fulfilled. Doesn’t always happen. But you need income to pay bills if nothing else. It’s hard to be ‘happy’ when you’re poor. But you don’t need to be ‘successful’ or ‘rich’. Look at all those miserable rich people. It’s in the head, in the emotions.

  2. Nice twist on all those fairy tale tropes. I hadn’t realised the image was called Sleeping Beauty’s Dream – but those roses, obviously, and the thorns that you remind us of. That’s a terrible sentence.

  3. the addition of the winged horses carried a deeper message to the artwork Jane, beautiful dreams become reality when the horses lose their wings and roses decay, just thorns and rain, your poem was a good description of how love can become sadness in a short time.

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