Today the weather is changing, from wet and mild and springlike, to a mini ice age. The wind last night veered to the north and blew the clouds away. Today is sunny and still warm, but it isn’t going to last. The meteo office refers to it as the Moscow-Paris. It’s going to get cold.

I walked around the homestead and tried to get some pics before it gets too cold to take gloves off outside. It’s difficult trying to hold a dog’s lead at the same time, hence the bit of camera shudder here and there.

The wild cherries are covered in blossom, especially far on is this very old one, even though the pic is a bit blurry.


The grass is full of Muscari, little grape hyacinths.


and kingcups, especially in the damp places.


Beneath the trees, husband has been clearing the brambles, but the lungwort seems undeterred.


We have one clump of wild daffodils. The neighbour has a field full of them.


Everywhere is running with water. The stream…


the ditches


the overflow from next-door’s pond.


The next pics will be of the frost, if I dare go out in it.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

29 thoughts on “Spring”

      1. Grenoble has the highest differential between high and low temps in a given year of any city in France – last year we went down to -12C daytime and up to 39C. This year, so far, we have only have one day of minus temps though the nights are well below. I love the seasons so it suits me but, knowing you and your very real problems with the cold I think it would be your worst nightmare!

      2. February is the cruelest month – generally the hardest and we are nearly through it. Let’s hope March comes in like a lion because then we can look forward to a lamb of a springtime 🐑

  1. Thank you for the beautiful spring ramble, Jane.
    It was record-breaking warm here yesterday. We walked about Philadelphia for a little while. Today, the temperatures are supposed to drop throughout the day, and it’s supposed to rain for several days–back to the grey!

    1. The cherry blossom has finished more or less. There was a heavy downpour followed by a hail storm. But the plum blossom has taken over, and there are a lot of wild plum trees!

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