Haibun for a non-event

Well, the vet phoned to say he hadn’t been able to do Finbar and could we take him home please, bring him back next week sometime. Two emergencies came in, more deserving cases, traffic accidents  (one death under the knife). What can you say? Finbar isn’t priority, he just has a useless, annoying lump. In a way I’m pleased he isn’t priority. So we brought him home. He had his lunch, went for a walk to check it’s all where he left it, and now he’s sleeping. There’s a questioning though, a hesitation in his gestures, because something different happened and he doesn’t know why. Was he bad? Was it a punishment? He’s dog napping, but he’s thinking about the why of it all, and will it happen again.

Cold wind blows, ­le bise

cherry blossom ghosts flutter—

the dark year deepens.



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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

56 thoughts on “Haibun for a non-event”

    1. He was supposed to have a lump removed from his tail this morning, but the vet had two emergencies (traffic accidents) and since Finbar”s lump isn’t serious, he was sent home. He’ll go in the end of next week bar more fatalities on the road.

  1. Bless him. Loads of fuss and bikkies by proxy. Hope all goes well next week.
    We had to abort surgery for Barney (Maggie’s predecessor) as he had a bad reaction to the pre-med after we’d left him. We halted the procedure and changed our vet after collecting him because he was in such a mess and shaking like a leaf. We left it for almost a year, the new vet being aware of the lump, saying it wasn’t anything to worry about and to let Barney get over the trauma. When it came to surgery that time, we stayed with him and were there when he came to. We’ve done the same for Maggie.

    1. Finbar says thanks for the bikkies 🙂 In theory the vet is clued up to the specifics of sighthound anesthetic which isn’t the same as for other dogs, so he should be okay. Poor Barney! He wasn’t a sighthound, was he? I’ve never stayed while Finbar has been stitched up as the vet has always kept him in for hours afterwards to make sure everything’s okay.

      1. Barney was a tri-colour border collie (there’s a picture of him in my blog) too pretty to be a dog, he should have been a bitch. Since that time, all of our vets have been terrific and accommodated us with staying with them when they go under the anaesthetic. If there is any sign of anxiety when they come round, we were promised a phone call to get there and sit with them. Hubby always jokes that the wife needs a shot too.

      2. It sounds perfectly normal to me, to want to be there when they wake up. Just a bit frustrating if you have to sit with them for a couple of hours until the effects have completely worn off and you can alll go home. I’ll have to see this wonder. Off to your blog now.

      3. There are a few posts about him and we had his picture up in the boat. It’s above the piano now.
        Our Boy is about him, but includes how we lost him. You might need tissues if you read that one. I still do.

      4. It was a dreadful day and following six for us, even worse for Hubby as he was home. On Friday I asked if we could go get another dog when he collected me from work. Even now it hurts. It’ll be 13 years on March 5th.

      5. Thirteen years and it still hurts. You must have loved him an awful lot. An accidental death must be so much harder to bear than an illness that starts, gets worse, and has consequences that you can guage.

      6. We did, but differently to Maggie. We know when her time comes (hopefully not for a few years yet!) it will be hard and a painful loss. But although it hurts us, we must put them first and their quality of life.

      7. We hung onto one of the cats too long and vowed we’d never do it again. Since then we’ve had to put another young cat to sleep and it was heartbreaking, but there was nothing to be done for him.

      8. My parents did with one of their dogs, hoping they’d wake up and find him asleep forever in his bed. Sadly it didn’t work out like that and they had to take him to the vet. They stayed with him to the end and didn’t have another dog for years.

      9. It was my daughter’s cat. He was only young but had a congenital kidney defect and had chronic kidney failure. The vet warned us that although he wouldn’t be in any pain, it would be unpleasant to watch. It was dreadful.

  2. Aww—handsome boy! Sorry you had to take him in and then home again, but as you said, it’s nice to know he’s not an emergency. I feel bad for the others. How sad-.
    I like “cherry blossom ghosts flutter.”

    1. I’d hate to lose a pet like that. And yes, it’s reassuring almost to know that he’s at the bottom of the list for treatment. At least the clinic isn’t far, and now we have a car it’s easier for everyone. Finbar is very subdued. Not like him at all. There is life in those grey cells whatever anyone says!

  3. I have to take The Bean to the vet today to get those horrible nose drops that protect against Kennel Cough. On Monday I go to the kennel (Hôtel de Chien as they insist on calling them here which sugars the pill for the human) to see if she is acceptable for a 5 night stay in March. I woke this morning wanting to cancel the wretched trip (which is hugely churlish because it is a chance in a million) because I don’t want to put her through a) the nose drops which she detests and b) the abandonment of being in kennels. Finbar’s feelings therefore are received acutely over here.

      1. I hope I’m being foolish. The nose drops are a known and she does hate them. The Hôtel is an unknown but comes highly recommended by a good friend. The Bean will be very happy to touch noses with Finbar even though virtually – she’s a great fan of greyhounds and whippets having been housemates with Achilles, my whippet X for the first few years of her life.

      2. Finbar prefers small dogs that are not threats. He’s big and attracts unwanted attention from aggressive males but it terrifies him. The Bean would be his ideal companion. Just tell yourself this is one of the things the Bean will have to put up with, like having her wisdom teeth out or passing exams. Life isn’t all beer and skittles, even for dogs.

      3. She can be his wingman …. and she is a brave little soul and extremely stoic – I will take your sage advice and let her fly with it 🙂

      1. I consider myself blessed. When I add extra chicken livers to her food she has a certain look on her face, sheer appreciation, looking at me with approval – ah! approval, not appreciation – silly me.

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