I won first prize!

I’ve just been notified that I have won first prize in Lucent Dreaming magazine’s first competition. It will be published online next month and in the magazine’s debut issue. It’s a story I like a lot and I’m thrilled it won.

It doesn’t happen often, and you can’t see, but I’m dancing πŸ™‚ I’ll post the link when the story is available.

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

128 thoughts on “I won first prize!”

  1. Fantastic! And well deserved. You blog and write religiously, and your writing is always good. Recognition is timely, imvho. πŸ™‚ xxxx

    1. It has cheered me a lot. I received the results of another competition just the day before and out of 180 entries I didn’t even make the not far off 100 long list. It wouldn’t have bothered me as usually when this kind of thing happens I read the winners and think, these stories are good! This time I didn’t think any of the winners was better than mine. Maybe what happens when there’s just one judge. I feel not quite so useless now πŸ™‚

      1. In truth, you should never feel useless. Notice how the least useless among us, are those more liable and prone to feeling useless? Maybe because they are anything but useless, in fact it is their conscience and willpower that helps them be all they are, but they may not fully appreciate that. Reminds me of a Confederacy of Dunces, where the main character believed himself ignoble and underappreciated whilst he was really a despot, whilst those I admire most in life, are often the most self depricating. You are like that, you don’t think you are as good as you are, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing as you will never get a huge and unwieldy ego. But at the same time in this world we need to have a competitive edge of confidence and self faith, so never forget that if you were truly the useless type, you’d hardly be so admired and respected by your peers (and you are so respected). I think you are one of the very best of us, and I’m so glad you try by entering competitions as this is a really good means by which to grow and develop other opportunities. It doesn’t surprise me that you won at all and I am a great believer in you, that’s the purpose of friendship for when we cannot see in ourselves what we should, our friends remind us of the truth.

      2. I think that one of the main reasons I post on my blog is because of the friendship. I know I can count on you to be understanding and encouraging, and enthusiastic when something goes right. Self-confidence is something I don’t have in spades and when something ‘goes right’ it helps enormously πŸ™‚

      3. My wish is for more things to go right. You try hard, we mustn’t underestimate the value of effort. Obviously if you had no natural talent no amount of trying would suffice, but if you’re talented AND you try hard, that’s the way. People think talent alone works but effort and hard graft are necessary. Ever since I’ve known you I have seen you push yourself, never growing complacent, inspiring and challenging others. You do this. I’m so proud of you but not surprised. You have earned it.

      1. I pick up the info here and there, usually by accident, find a contest mentioned on someone’s blog. There’s probably a twitter hashtag for contests. There is one for submission calls.

      2. Thank you for this Jane! I will have a look πŸ™‚ I am grateful for your kind message and will try my best to find one suitable for my style of writing. πŸ™‚

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