For the dverse open link, a poem written in the warm, after-supper glow.


At my feet a dog,

on my lap a cat,

in the hearth a fire,

and in the dark,

beneath a slip of moon,

sickle-yellow as it rocks,

the wilderness sniffs the night air.

I, with your presence

to the roots of my hair,

Beethoven, filling the quiet,

the cat’s purring,

the hiss and crackle of the flames,

dog’s paws running a dream,

wait for something

that may be like the end

and may be a beginning,

the final note of a sonata,

a small death, a new life,

fire-crackle, cat purr, fox-bark—



Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

106 thoughts on “At—this—moment”

      1. There must be ethical, honest reporters or tyrants like Putin wouldn’t be bothered having them assassinated, but that’s the point—the good, investigative journalists are either dead or fear for their lives or their jobs. The kids (and adults with the mental age of children) believe the conspiracy theory junk on FB.

      1. Every public service station has its own playlist when there’s a strike. some are dire, some are good 🙂 We have ample opportunity to test them all.

      2. They’re always on strike here. Most of the time they don’t even bother to say why. If the sound recordists or the cleaners, or the people who put together the playlists have a problem, it’s everybody out in solidarity.

      3. What gets up my nose is that the trade unions only ever strike for their own members. there’s no solidarity with the poor sods who can’t go on strike because they’d get the sack. It’s never about ‘workers’ or equal rights, it’s always about bus conductors’ rights or postal workers rights. If you work in any of the private sectors you just have to suck it up.

      4. Yes it had always been so, those that do and those that don’t. My dad was a trade unionist , he died about 20yrs ago. He always helped everyone not just those in his union but anyone who asked him for help. But it’s not like that now 💜💜💜

      5. The trade union movement was a wonderful idea, but it didn’t move with the times and become a spearpoint for change. I remember when my mum was an activist. They used to get a lot of Pakistani men coming to meetings, and she used to ask, ‘Where’s Mrs Patel then? When is she going to come to a meeting?” They just laughed. The union representatives thought women were just a waste of time too. Very conservative bunch.

      6. Yes a very valid point there was not much equality then. Looking back the unions look like dinosaurs! They did do some sterling work though and my dad was very supportive of women like your mum. They are a thing of the past no where near as strong as they were and that’s a good and a bad thing.

      7. Thatcher brought out a lot of the me me me in people. I remember very poor people being offered their grotty council houses to buy at knock down prices. The councils weren’t given the money to keep them repaired so they sold them off. The people who bought them though didn’t have any more money than the council to do the repairs and they all started crumbling away. So much for the stakeholder society.

      8. Yes Thatcher did a great deal of damage to our country. I had and have no time for her. Why they even thought about giving her a State Funeral makes the mind boggle… Thankfully they didn’t it would not of gone down well. Yes society has gone to hell in a handcart.

      9. The fact that they even considered it shows how out of touch with real people the Tories are. Labour aren’t much better. I’ve heard horror stories about local council corruption. What is it they say about power and corruption?

      10. And it’s all true, you should see what our local council is doing, they are building on every inch of green land houses thousands of houses in the last three years all of the fields around us have disappeared! Where are the roads, schools doctors surgeries, shops to serve these new homes?? Where is the affordable housing …nowhere. the politicians and those in power have no idea how we feel!

      11. All that matters is making money. They let their friends have contracts and then claim it’s providing jobs/homes/necessities. But it isn’t. It’s a purely business deal with their friends.And don’t get me onto farmers and how they have destroyed the countryside with their pesticides and their animal factories, getting tax breaks, riding roughshod over every attempt to control what they do, etc etc and they have the gall to describe themselves as the guardians of the countryside!

      12. Yes I agree with all that! Infact I think this entire subject is just toxic. At the moment the whole world seems corrupt! Let’s face it things are not going to approve.

      13. We have always been ruled by an elite. Nothing has changed, just the numbers and the ways of becoming one of the elite. People are the same though, as many ugly, cruel, stupid and heartless as there have ever been.

      14. Hi just got back from Pilates and heard the news of the terrorist attack in Trebes, in a super U, we have used those when in France. I do hope it is not near you. So sad, what a world.

      15. No, nowhere near. It seems he’s a Maroccain known to the police for being radicalised. People are asking what he was still doing in France. No doubt someone has an answer. I hate religions. They all offer nutters the possibility of shooting people for a good cause.

      16. Yes if you look back to beginning of time most wars are about religion. They all profess to be the One religion, it’s a great excuse to kill eachother! I can’t understand how if these people are know to be radicals why they are still at large!

      17. I imagine it’s the principle of not locking people up if they haven’t broken the law. IMHO it should be against the law to belong to any group, religious or otherwise that preaches violence and hatred. That would get many FN members locked up for a start!

      18. Yes I had a very hard time getting my head around the Myanmar Buddhist, I always thought they would not even hurt an insect. Well that’s out the window now.

    1. This was such an elegant poem! You made this feel like a cinematic scene and brought it to life with your words! We heard all the sounds you wrote about and saw all the things you showed us! Really exquisite! Such a delightful read!

      1. Thank you! I’m so pleased it came over so well. It’s a poem that took shape from the feelings of that particular moment. There aren’t so many moments when everything seems in balance.

  1. Yes, what Gay and Sanaarizvi said. 🙂 Truly lovely poem, Jane–this sense of being in the moment–and what a blissful moment it is (or was). I do like the dog running in his sleep.
    I love watching my cat dream–his face twitching and paws moving.

    1. I’m glad you like this one, Merril. It was a very spontaneous poem and did, I think, capture a short space of time. Usually we don’t have the radio on while we’re working, but yesterday, because of the strike, all the stations were broadcasting music only. It made such a pleasant change from people talking about music instead of playing it, that we left it on. Otherwise it is absolutely silent here.
      The little cat has quite violent spasms in her sleep and rolls off sofas or wherever she’s been lying. Trixie is the opposite. She doesn’t even twitch a whisker.

  2. This is what it means when it’s said that words have life. I’m at work- due to see a patient in 15 minutes..but you’ve left me in front of a warm fire with my pets. my eyes fixed to the flames, my ears attuned to every hiss and crackle…while my thoughts wander off to the moon. NOT fair Jane!

  3. I love your words – such warmth and comfort there.
    Sometimes I miss the cosiness the glow of a real fire…but not the making of it.
    Anna :o]

    1. Thanks Jane. Spring started more than three weeks ago then we had a few days of the return of winter that set everything back. We’re crawling out of it now, for good I hope!

      1. yep, us, too. Here the weather was spring like in Feb…March has been a roller coaster! Perhaps it will settle now. xox

  4. I envy this blissful peace you have at home. With bottles, nappies, chores, screaming children and finances, we lack time for even a commercial jingle. Ha.

      1. Unless one decides to become an overly committed grandparent after that peace. (We’ll see!) Hopefully, I’ll only be 54 when my youngest graduates from uni. Hanging on here …

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