22 thoughts on “Cherita: Goodbyes”

      1. Oh dear. I don’t want to know this feeling. I wish I could say that I know how it feels, but hands down, I don’t….yet. That’s why I often talk about stopping the time.

      2. I know. I just don’t want to think about it yet.
        To quote a friend of mine- Their happiness means the world to me, so whatever they decide….wherever they choose to go, I’m fine with that………as long as I come along.

      3. No – I know you are superstitious as am I, but I don’t think it’s always a premonition so much as your acute awareness of the strife in the world and then they leave and it’s just the upheaval and emotion built up, makes total sense and is more a sign of your caring and despair and frustration which anyone with a brain would feel at the way things are.

      4. OMG it was a premonition! I recall you saying you had those! I shall not doubt again – no wonder you felt so badly it must be horrible to have such thoughts because too often you know there is a basis for them!

      5. Although not easy to live like that, I would wish you did because it is a part of you with great value but as with anything, it comes with a price just like your migraines (I read a thing once about how those with second-sight or similar things, often have migraines)

      6. One of the things I hate most about migraines is the dysfunction in the brain that lingers when the pain and the nausea have stopped. Like a faulty connection between thought and speech. It must be like that for people who have had a stroke. You know what you want to say but the tongue just can’t get the words out. Hateful!

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