For NaPoWriMo


I tread the field

and crush the budding flower heads,

the scuttling beetle spiders underfoot.

I burn tree wood and smoke the air

and take the car to rifle supermarkets

of packaged goods from across the world.

I eat and have someone kill and chop

and eviscerate for my dainty palate,

and I spit and defecate the remains,

laugh in the wind at the birds that die

from want of grubs in my poisoned garden.

So far away the peasant who lies down

and dies beneath the last tree in the jungle.


And yet and yet,

I love my dog.

Will that be enough?

And who’s to judge?

Osiris cares little enough for spider beetles

and dead peasants,

and would marvel at missiles.

So all’s well in this balance

of death and death.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

31 thoughts on “Osiris”

    1. Thank you! The prompt, to write about a villain who is perhaps not entirely a villain felt flippant to me. No villain is 100% evil, and all of us, even the ‘saintly’ have a good dose of self-interest, seems to me.

  1. Nature
    That as
    Dog Loves Dog
    And Human too
    Keeping in
    Mind for
    Me at
    Dog is
    Just God
    in Reverse
    Of Giving Love
    For me that’s enough
    For now Consuming
    We Share
    Eating Hell Alive..:)

  2. Your poem made me think of this: While talking today, one friend mentioned the uproar over the dog that died after the flight attendant insisted it had to go into the overhead bin. And of course, that is terrible, but so many still not outraged over guns and killing people. . .

  3. It’s bad the poor dog had to be his weakness, because the dog can be used as a way to eliminate that rascal…. Got me thinking about it so much, wonderful poem!

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