Once upon a time

A 100 word story for the Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields


“That’s where the farm was.” Tim waved a hand across the plain.

“Down there?” Evie’s face expressed incredulity.

Her grandfather smiled. “That’s what my granddad told me, and he remembers seeing it, the grass and the cows.”


“They ate the grass. It was green then, he said.”

“Central Eastern Region isn’t green,” she said, a touch of suspicion in her voice.

Tim’s gaze brushed the barren hills and the dry stalks that had once been trees.

“Ah well, it wasn’t called that then. When it was green, and cows and horses grazed on it, that plain was County Meath.”

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

51 thoughts on “Once upon a time”

    1. When I read that if/when the Gulf Stream runs cold because of the melting polar ice, that Ireland would become like the Tundra, I got the shivers. No going back for me. As long as Florida golf courses flourish, I suppose the great and the good will continue to deny there’s a problem.

      1. There has always been change, but it’s always been slow enough for species to adapt. Unless of course the deniers point to the examples of the really big climate changes, like the ice ages, the end of the dinosaurs etc. But if they believe that that’s where we’re headed ‘naturally’ and rapidly—a total wipe out—where does that leave the divine plan?

  1. That’s a scary thought…although it’s already happening in many parts of the world. Perhaps the trees will rise up and stage a rebellion. (K)

    1. If the Gulf Stream runs cold instead of hot, the whole of western Europe will become much much colder. I’m not sure how it will affect the rest of the world; but it must go somewhere else…

      1. The Times published maps of how the coastal states will look once the oceans rise. There will be almost nothing left of Florida at all; even half of Massachusetts will disappear. They should plaster those maps on billboards all over the United States. Images are so much more effective than words in conveying the devastation.

  2. Great twist to your story. I didn’t anticipate that at all.
    It is still possible to mitigate the worst of climate change, and it’s not merely down to those in power to achieve that. The more we all sign petitions, lobby elected representatives, write stories, and practise what we preach, the better our chances.

    1. My mother’s father was from Meath. I remember being so awed by the landscape, my Uncle Michael pointing out the hill of Tara in the distance. The idea that it could all just die is awful.

  3. Dear Jane,

    There’s no such thing as climate change. Yeah, right. We’ve had snow into the middle of April this year. Never seen that. I saw forsythia and lilac buds last autumn. Good story.



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