Wish you were here

For the NaPoWriMo prompt—a postcard to an ex.


Sitting in this quiet place

where only sounds are unseen birds,

I wish you were here.

Wish you were here

to hear the silence of the road

where no cars come.

I wish you were here

to see the empty sky so blue

and in the night,

so full of stars

you can feel the universe,

a dead weight, upon your head.

Wishing you were here

to clear this rambling wilderness

and tame the tangles of briar and rose

that return with exasperating ease,

I shut the door put out the light.

Wish you were here

in this bed so white and wide,

where moonlight leaves no trace,

for if you were here,

I could be there,

in town where I belong.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

21 thoughts on “Wish you were here”

      1. My daughter in Boston has run into people she knew in New Jersey. One was an ex-boyfriend of her sister’s who she was afraid she’d run into again. 🙂

      2. We moved the length of France, from the North East down to Bordeaux in the South West, and one day shortly after we moved, I almost walked into a next door neighbour from our old place we had really disliked. Thankfully, I was waiting for the traffic to clear and spotted her in time.

    1. Thanks Ron and I do like your poem. It’s exactly that feeling that nothing has any importance. You can do anything or nothing, go out or stay in, and none of it has any colour or meaning. Great poem.

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