#writephoto: Dream home

This photo, Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt, reminds me of a house we saw for sale just outside Bordeaux. It was a huge place, all Gothic arches, flying buttresses, crenellations, stained glass and vaulted ceilings…built in the 1970s.



The estate agent disappeared into the bowels of the first floor. To open the windows, he said.

“Jesus,” Will murmured as he gazed around what the man in the pointy shoes had described as ‘the banqueting hall’. Stairs swept in an elegant curve to a stone-worked balustrade. His eyes followed, up to the vaulted ceiling and the lethal-looking candelabra. “Basil Rathbone could turn up any minute.”

Sam giggled. “Unless he’s laddered his tights and Maid Marion’s mending them for him.”

Will’s curiosity was caught by something about the door that opened onto the kitchen, heavy, solid oak in appearance and barred and studded with iron bolts and bands.

“Is this to keep the kitchen staff in or the riotous nobles out?”

Sam peered at the inappropriately solid door and picked at one of the huge nails. “Plastic,” she pronounced and swung open the door that turned out to be as light as plywood.

Will snorted and muttered something about the IKEA kitchen with a name like ‘Førtress’ they’d probably find. “When the ad said ‘full of period character’ I was expecting something at least pre-PVC.”

An odd clicking noise made them both look up to the polystyrene-looking balustrade. Triumphant laughter rang out and the light thump of dancing pumps.

Sam’s face blanched as a man in green tights and another man with an evil goatee beard fenced their way energetically into view.

“You don’t think the ad maybe said ‘full of period characters’?”

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

30 thoughts on “#writephoto: Dream home”

  1. LOL. But not as frivolous as Scooby Doo. Are you sure all your readings know who Basil Rathbone is? Maybe you should have gone with Vincent Price.

    1. I wasn’t thinking of horror movies. The photo made me think of Robin Hood. Basil Rathbone isn’t exactly my generation either but even my youngest who was born in 2000 has seen Erroll Flynn and Basil Rathbone in Robin Hood 🙂

  2. A stage set! There are actually several places in NYC with houses that were built as stage sets, and people pay millions to live in them now. (K)

      1. This was in the old days, when they actually built real buildings for a set. When money was not an issue I guess. Now even “real” buildings are made of cardboard it seems.

  3. When I read real estate agent, I thought the story was going to end in a scary or gruesome fashion, but this was fun. I used to love those old Errol Flynn movies. 🙂

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