Dusk swoops


Dusk swoops and skims on owl wings,

grey in failing light where the deer,

faint leaping slender shadows

fill the trees with husky barking.

Bat-flutter and frog-laughter,

cricket-throb and the soft sinking of the sun;

such peace when the nightingale sings.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

39 thoughts on “Dusk swoops”

      1. It was pleasant talking to you, Michael 🙂 I’m just about to turn in. Have a lovely weekend, and I hope your weather is going to be better than ours 🙂

      2. Hello, sorry had a short delay here. Here its sunny, hope it will be also tomorrow. Its always a pleasure talking to you Jane, especially with my low level in the English language. Hope i will be better soon. Have also a good weekend. Michael

      3. You have a very good level of English, Michael and a good level of comprehension which isn’t the same thing. I can’t speak a word of German!

      4. Thank you very much Jane! Very kind of you. Oh, German is not ciompatible to the most other languages, and our dialect here is horrible too. There is a joke how you can get an inhabitant of Upper Palatine to bark like a dog. You have to tell him where the beer is. So he will shout “Wou”, “Wou”. ***lol*** Michael

      5. Yes, but the other dont like it.100 years ago our ancestors came from Svizzerland an Hungary/ Romania into this region. There could also be some blood of Duke Drakul in our veins. 😉

    1. At supper, we watched an owl skimming across the meadow and catching something. I took Finbar out for a quick walk and startled some deer in the next field. Their warning bark was so loud!

      1. Wow–so cool! Right now, all I can hear is the noisy garbage truck finally picking up the garbage. Oh, now here’s the recycling truck. 🙂

      2. True, there’s a subtle difference. In the suburbs you get the bin men and their truck collecting the rubbish, in the city, before and after the bin men come round you have the happy party-goers tipping the bins over…

      3. True, and things are closer together. There seem to be constant siren sounds in the city–police, ambulance, fire–in the city, too.

      4. It’s the price you pay for having the amenities. Some people feel safer when they know they are surrounded by thousands of other people too.

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