18 thoughts on “Into this wild sky”

  1. The Oracle seems very happy. She’s sent you a lovely poem!
    I tried her earlier today, and she seemed very depressed (didn’t post it), so I tried again. I think she was watching the news, then switched to the royal wedding.

      1. We’ve only ever had one storm since we’ve been here and they have been predicted regularly every couple of weeks since the beginning of the winter.

      2. Wow! I’m hoping we don’t get a thunderstorm later today. The sun is poking out now, but that means it’s warming up, so thunderstorms are in the forecast. Yesterday was just grey, dreary rain, but no storms.

      3. But it’s got nothing to do with climate change, you understand. And the fact that we’re losing our animal species at a phenomenal rate doesn’t mean we can’t kill a few more for fun, does it?

      4. Oh, of course not. And take photos with trophies. Did you read about the idiot congressman here who thinks rocks falling into the ocean is the cause of sea levels rising?

      5. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. And that is scary. I like the bunch who believe that dinosaur fossils were made by God when he made the earth in 4000 BC already in the rocks. There were no dinosaurs. Just fake fossils. They even believe God makes up fake news!

      6. I don’t understand it. They don’t have the excuse of ignorance like the primitive tribes wandering in the desert without any notions of science or knowledge of anything at all—it’s their choice to be stupid.

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