Not news

One mention yesterday, just the body count. An ordinary day at an American school.


The news again

the end result of bloody toys

the news again

like some unfunny tired refrain

the mess caused by those manly toys

yet silence follows now, not noise,

the news again.

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

50 thoughts on “Not news”

    1. It just doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. If people insist that having guns around where toddlers and nut jobs can play with them is a fundamental right, what can you do?

  1. We are running out of words to describe our disgust at this continuing and seeing nothing done but offering ‘prayers and thoughts’ for the victims.

    1. Exactly. It seems so logical to anyone outside the US (and to may inside too) that the more guns you make legally available, the more people are going to be killed by them. Not just the big killings but the unsung deaths of tots who played with daddy’s hand gun when the safety catch was off. You can’t help people who won’t help themselves, even in the face of all the evidence that GUNS KILL.

      1. I was just talking to an American friend about their gun culture and gun violence. I compared it with Serbia where you can get any gun you want on the black market but regardless there are no mass shootings. There’s a problem of rage and economy to tackle as well.

      2. You can get anything on the black market here too. The difference, I think is that it’s the black market—illegal—so it’s for the criminal market. They shoot one another up, but not their kids. It’s when it’s a banal fact of life that every householder can have a whole arsenal lying about at home to play with that you get this attitude to guns as toys for everyone. Of course, they are also to protect the ‘innocent’ from wicked burglars. Why not just have done with it and give every kid from kindegarten upwards a shooter to take to school so if the school is attacked by another kid they can all defend themselves? That’s where the gun lobby logic takes you.

      3. Logical in their eyes. That way the ‘good’ teacher can (maybe) get his/her shooter out from the desk and (maybe) stop the little fucker when he’s only killed a handful of his class mates. That’s progress. Maybe five lives saved. Now, if the little fucker hadn’t brought a gun to school in the first place, there would have been zero deaths. That, I’m afraid is the logic, obvious to the rest of the world, that the gun lobby won’t swallow.

      4. Exactly. That’s why they should give every child, a hand gun, not a silver spoon as a christening present. Problem solved. In fifty years, no more Americans.

  2. The theme of my 42 today … shocking how this news got barely a mention, even here. Watching our children being murdered in our schools seems to have become a way of life. It’s horrible. But oh, there are thoughts and prayers.

    1. We have reached a point where the reaction is ‘oh, there’s been another mass killing in a U.S. school, did you hear whether it’s going to rain here today?’ Handing out thoughts and prayers yet accepting that guns are a way of life and every congenital idiot has the right to have a few of them littered around the house, just makes most of the rest of the world want to puke, not to put too fine a point on it.

      1. It makes 2/3’s of us here want to puke as well. Statistically, it is estimated that there is at least one firearm owned for every man, woman and child. But the horrifying truth is that they are being hoarded by only about 1/3 of us. That our president was elected by (and is supported still) by 1/3 of us through the manipulation of our electoral college (which is an antiquated carryover that should be abolished) not by the popular vote is a sad reminder of the deplorables in our midst. I hope I live to see the end of this nightmare. But I worry that we’ve turned an ugly corner that will take decades to recover from.

      2. It’s a sad fact of life everywhere that the urban and rural vote is often diametrically opposed. The towns get more resources, better education etc etc and their inhabitants tend to be more open-minded and progressive. We are all in hock to the rural vote which has more weight that it should have, so there’s always very little done about environmental issues because we mustn’t piss off the farmers. You have in addition the gun thing that I know city people don’t see the point of. I still don’t understand why there is no organised opposition to the gun lobby though. Are all the Democrats signed up to the NRA gravy train too?

      3. The level of corruption in our government is such that the majority in all elements, Republicans, have unchecked power. Most egregious of all are the leaders of the house and senate who will not allow anything approved in committee to even be brought forward for a vote…gun issues, protecting the special counsel from being fired by Trump, remedies to our broken healthcare system, protection for social security for seniors. All they’ve truly managed to accomplish is a huge tax break for the wealthy. With many of them retiring now, feeling quite accomplished in their coup, I can only hope we vote the rest of them out in November.

      4. It’s such a huge machine, and like many democracies, it’s more a question of two groups of self-servers taking turns are reaping the profits of a nice well-remunerated job. I don’t know what the solution is. They look like democracies, but so much legislation is the fruit of connivance and deal-making between gold-diggers.

      1. I do. I expect something different. Maybe that’s ignorance or maybe that’s hope, I don’t know. But I expect things to change and will keep on talking and pushing until it does. ✊

      2. I’m glad you do, Tom, and I know there are millions like you. I was thinking of the media response over here. School killings are non-events, to be expected if there is virtually no control, legal or moral, over how many lethal weapons any idiot can own. I hope you can help change things and drag America into the 21st century 🙂

      3. I know. I saw the media response quickly fade away and that’s why I cried foul. Let the millions like me keep screaming until we’re the only voice being heard. 🙂

      4. I wonder if it isn’t because the guns he used were his father’s, all licenced and legal? If he had used an automatic assault rifle they’d have been shouting about how it’s not the legislation that’s wrong, you just can’t stop people getting hold of illegal weapons.

      5. Yes, unfortunately, I think you’re right. It doesn’t fit the narrative strictly enough to warrant sensationalistic outcries from both sides. Only those of us who truly care about the issue will be heard. So must speak loudly. 🙂

    1. There isn’t a cohesive opposition to the gun lobby so there won’t be any change. If they won’t change their laws, it’s hard to join in with the hand-wringing and expressions of outrage.

  3. Trust me that many, if not most Americans, are horrified, and unlike Kat, I don’t think this got barely a mention. More like, on no, this has happened again, but we feel paralyzed. The thoughts and prayers mentality of those in power, combined with the non-stop Twitter rants of the horror in the White House makes people wonder what to do. I was going to write about it on Friday after I heard about it, but I just couldn’t then.

    1. I wonder if the radio silence on this one is because the kid’s arsenal was just the usual kind of killing instruments you find in many homes, all guns owned legally by his father, and also because he didn’t kill himself, so they now have a child in custody who will have the right to give a possibly embarrassing account of how he came to be in possession of these weapons. The NRA might not like the outcome. I know a huge percentage of Americans want an end to gun rule, but there are too many who don’t, and too many politicians, it seems, who have been bought off by the gun lobby.

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