Microfiction: Grail

A 100 word story for Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot




He looked down with distaste on the crowds milling around the souvenirs.

You’d never think this place had been a church once.

Of far more value than the artworks on display and guarded with the most elaborate security systems was what was hidden in the crypt.

The cretins don’t even know there is a crypt.

Well, he did, and he knew how to get in. He slipped into the shadows of the gallery and waited, dreaming of the Grand Master’s gratitude when he handed over his prize, how the world would change, and how it would be thanks to him.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

52 thoughts on “Microfiction: Grail”

  1. Mm, interesting intrigue! Makes me wonder what prize might be in a crypt — and who this Master is who has no qualms about grave-robbing to get it. (shiver!)

      1. My godmother sent me her copy in a bundle of books saying, ‘You might like this. I couldn’t finish it.’ People will buy any crap if they’re told to often enough.

      2. Laugh! There were so many holes in that story it’s a wonder the binding kept it together! A local author, Tom Eaton, wrote a send-up based on the Da Vinci Code – South Africa-style. It was hilarious! It’s called The De Villiers Code

  2. The Grand Master sounds a thoroughly bad lot! Mind you, your MC sounds very arrogant in his contempt for the crowds.
    Entertaining take on the prompt, Jane!

  3. Of course, I REALLY want to know what’s in that crypt. Could be some powerful holy relic (A Raiders of the Lost Ark type deal) that will slay the wicked and save the chosen. Could be definitive proof of Christ’s existence – or of his humanity. I’m sure I saw a film/TV drama once where Christ’s body was discovered inits tomb, proving of course that he was never resurrected and was not therefore divine. Interesting premise.
    Anyway, you’ve certainly got me thinking. Nicely done Jane

    1. Interesting idea. The Opus Dei and other Vatican warriors may have been searching for his body for two thousand years (well, since there was a Vatican anyway) to destroy the evidence. I think you should write it!

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