14 thoughts on “Daily poem: Lune 8”

    1. Thank you 🙂 I wrote this before the tractor came around to slash and mow along the verge again and destroyed all the poppies. My mood has darkened somewhat.

      1. It makes me angry. The tendency is for gardens (yards) with no boundaries, just grass right down to the road. The few houses up here have that type of ‘garden’ and the owners are forever mowing the grass round the ditches. It’s so out of place, trying to turn a small holding/agricultural setting into Californian suburbia!

      2. It’s a form of pride—look at my beautiful house and my immaculate lawn, you won’t see a single dirty daisy on my property. What’s stupid is that it’s former agricultural land with a bank and ditch down to the little lane. They can’t get a mower down the bank, it’s too steep, so they love the municipality to come and shave it for them. The ditch, they clear out systematically when the mow along the roadside at the other side of the ditch. I hate it. Poor frogs, poor poppies, poor biodiversity…

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