Heart of a child

Life lessons for the dverse prompt. I have truly thought about this and this is my honest response.


Is there anything I have learnt

that myself child didn’t know?

I doubt it.

If you would know

the secret at the earth’s core,

dig back,

peel off the layers,

listen to the heart

you were born with.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

47 thoughts on “Heart of a child”

    1. I’ve heard children from very bourgois backgrounds talking about poverty, immigration, human and animal rights, and they just say it as it is—when something is wrong, you shouldn’t do it. No excuses, no wriggling, find the money and shell out for an alternative. Their parents don’t agree, their upbringing doesn’t agree, but the child sees what his parents refuse to see.

  1. Jane that is stunning and (fortunately) speaks to my heart. I will share this on my newly revamped Facebook page which is intended to showcase work by people I value or work that I value by people and a little by me.

      1. I’ve only just started the revamp and I need to understand how to tag things to get them to a wider audience but it is something I want to do. It’s so hard for writers to get exposure (though you have achieved so much more than most) and if I can help those I value a little and those that others want to suggest then voila – I will 🙂

      2. It’s kind and generous of you to bother! I can’t remember how tagging works. I think you just have to type the name but possibly need to have friended them first and you used not to be able to tag pages. I’ll find you and send you a friend request.

  2. BaLanCE STiLL
    NoW A Core
    oF aLL that
    Moves iN Harmony Oh Nature As
    God i am so uncoordinated as a Child
    unTil i Dance so much
    later inTo: A
    NeWeR Creation
    Butterfly Wings
    Dance out
    Human Cocoons..:)

  3. Our pathways are formed before the age of two and most of what we learn before six. There is so much truth to your words. Those child hearts are the best….great advice to follow them.

  4. I wonder if we can do that really, to think and feel as we did as children. Is it innocence or naivety? so many things influence me and I don’t think I remember “how” I thought as a child. you wrote a very thought provoking poem of advice.

    1. No, Gina, that’s the hard part. I don’t remember either, but I think generally children have fewer prejudged ideas. They can pick up spiders and stroke furry moths for example. They are horrified at the idea of killing anything. As we get older we invent reasons for destroying things, like because they taste nice, they eat the flowers, they are ugly, etc etc.

      1. You’re right. It’s so sad when you hear small children spouting the awful mindless garbage their parents teach them, and because it’s from their parents, they don’t question it.

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