25 thoughts on “Daily poem: August stanza 2”

      1. I used to think it was a lack of decorum and respect that made me so irritated by people who chatter and flash their way around old churches, but I think it’s what you say, it’s the sense of history that they disturb that’s so annoying.

      2. I took pictures, but I always tried to be respectful (especially as sometimes people were there praying).
        I was seeing just watching some FB posts of a high school group singing in some old churches in Germany. (My daughters’ former high school choral teacher there with them.) If you don’t look at their modern dress, the old music fits and soars there.

      3. Taking photos isn’t nearly so obtrusive as the chattering. Why do people visit monuments if they just want to continue the story about their son-in-law’s vasectomy?

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