Small concerns

I got a rare old telling off this morning by a stone marten. This is what they sound like when they get rattled.


The marten in the alder tree growls his anger, not at the world, not at the government, not at the chemical company, the education system, climate change nor even the price of petrol. The marten rages at me, the human who stands beneath the tree and stops him getting down and back to business.

Such a circumscribed vision, he has, that extends perhaps fifty yards, concerned only with trees, foxes and windfalls, raising young and living another day, and the human who stands, obstinately in the way among the cut brambles beneath the alder.

The world turns

blue as a jay’s wing—

will it storm?

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

41 thoughts on “Small concerns”

      1. Now I understand.

        Wrote a Ghazal recently in my mother tongue Assamese and translated to Bengali. Having hard time translating to English.

    1. I saw an article about that incident too. Unless it happened twice. It said there were two of them and they ran up to the top of it and gnawed through cables. I like them. They’re always racing about. I enjoyed being bawled out by a critter half Trixie’s size 🙂

      1. The wildlife centre in the town where we live has had a few rescue babies. Apparently it’s the only place in France with the right conditions for dealing with injured water animals, a natural freshwater basin that is kept wild, so the staff can keep an eye on progress while keeping the environment un-humanised. It’s easy to let them back into the wild afterwards. Obviously, it’s impossible to visit.

      2. The Lot-et-Garonne is the departement people love to laugh at for rural idiocy. Unfair, probably as all these clichés are, but it’s true that it’s completely rural and rurals tend not to value wildlife except in the sight of a hunting rifle. It just happens that the Garonne makes a sheltered pool which is still part of the main river but can be completely protected. It’s a natural oddity and perfect for rehabilitating animals that need an aquatic environment. So we have this hi tech wildlife rehab centre in an area where most people only eat animals, never look after them. We’ve been sent baby otters from all over the country because it’s the idea place for them to be kept wild while they’re growing up.

    1. I heard it, or a close relative, bawling out the crow family this morning. The crows are the neighbours from hell, always poking about in other people’s business and picking fights.

      1. I don’t hear much birdsong these days. Lots of cawing and cooing, croaking, chattering and chirruping (inadvertent alliteration there), but not much song. The birds seem to have stopped singing.

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