Tanka Tuesday: Cinquain

Cinquain for Colleen’s weekly challenge.



a joyous dance

of unconscious beauty,

wild health muscle-springs, twisting grace,


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

36 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday: Cinquain”

      1. I think there’s a family of them. He was no approved of around here. The farmers apparently don’t hunt much but the hunters reserve the right to trample over farmland and the farmers let them. André didn’t. Good for him!

  1. I could see this hare leaps and dances, wow, Jane, a delightful scene you created! When we were in Alaska a few months ago, we saw some Snowshoe Hares. I was lucky to get some photos!

      1. Let me tell you a secret, I was so far away from knowing what a hare looks like I didn’t even associate it with a rabbit, lol. You live & you learn, right.

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