Silver-faced summer ends

Trying out an etheree, suggested by Colleen Chesebro.




leaves that turn

silver faces

to the flying wind,

hold all golden summer

in their soft whisper music.

Soon the dry rustling will begin,

flame seize the summits, suck dry the sap,

among blackened trunks, ghosts of summer drift

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

30 thoughts on “Silver-faced summer ends”

      1. The days are shorter and the mornings are cooler–we’re having a beautiful weekend. Last night was beautiful. But we’re going back to the warm and humid this week. We shouldn’t have to turn the a/c back on in October.

  1. Beautiful Etheree, Jane. I can hear the wind, the falling of dried leaves (or acorns). No staccato, it’s a smooth sound of music. I happened to take some photos of the fallen acorns yesterday!!

      1. Oh, Jane, I wish to be here to witness that. I only stay for a week for my granddaughter’s birthday. Squirrels are everywhere gathering acorns for winter. It’s lovely scene to watch.

      2. Whereabouts are you? We don’t see many squirrels. Like all the wildlife they are very wary, but the acorns go. Last autumn I collected a lot and planted them in pots in front of the house—the squirrels dug them up and ate them!

      3. My daughter is in Portland, Oregon. I have squirrels in my backyard also (no acorn trees in the city). I live in Orange County, California. Somewhere in Big Bear, the squirrel forgot about the seven acorns, they grew up to be one giant tree but we could tell they are seven trees!

      4. Must have been a tremendous tree! We don’t have the same kind of squirrels. Ours are the bright red European squirrels. They don’t cohabit with people the way your grey squirrels do.

      5. Yes, the single acorn trees here in the park close to my daughter’s house are huge. I can’t imagine seven grew together. I heard from the person who takes the second graders to go see it.

        Oh, my squirrel is not afraid of me at all. He eats the bird seeds, I tried to scare him away. He waited until I got very close to him before he went away.

      6. They have them in the UK and in some parts of Europe where they have been introduced or escaped, and they cause havoc with our eco-systems. They are bigger than red squirrels and take the food. Bullies. The parks in UK are full of them because they’re not afraid of people and the red squirrel has all but disappeared. We shouldn’t mess with nature.

      7. My husband and I watch nature videos every night before going to bed. Some animals were brought to some countries and they kill the plants that the local animals eat and caused near extinction.
        Yes, we shouldn’t mess with nature!!

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