Hunter’s Moon

A Hunter’s Moon tanka for Frank Tassone’s weekly haikai challenge.


moonlight pools silver

beneath the shadowy trees

mingling with ground mist

hunters pad on silent paws

I know where the pheasants roost

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

42 thoughts on “Hunter’s Moon”

  1. I was *just* trying to (unsuccessfully) photograph the hunter’s moon outside my window! I really love this tanka – especially the last line.

      1. It’s only a half-moon here, but it wasn’t nearly the colour it was earlier in the night – all pale. Then I looked over and suddenly, colour change! It’s glorious.

  2. I’ll look out for it! I tend to forget, unless I look out of the window to see why the train is running at such an ungodly hour of the morning. It ought to be a really lovely colour (the moon that is, not the train.)

  3. I wish we had pheasants roosting, because that would mean we have Trees. A light-rail track is a poor substitute for trees…

  4. Yes, definite pros and cons. Hopefully you don’t get toothache then! Anywhere that has space for Active Greyhound is a pro, in my book.

      1. Not too bad, thanks! Had a terrible night’s sleep. There was something screeching either in the attic or at the attic window just over my head. It’s lovely thick fog this morningβ€”keeps the executioners quiet πŸ™‚ How are you?

      2. I am fine too apart from a grumbling tummy which is the norm of late. We had thick fog too earlier when I was out with Ruby. The sun is burning it off now but the chill is here! Sorry you didn’t sleep too well I wander what the creature was? Hope the hunter are off their game all day.πŸ˜€

      3. Me neither. There are only two here and getting an appointment is very difficult. You have to wait ages to be seen and be prepared to accept a rdv at half six in the morning or nine at night.

  5. Lovely lines about the moon pooling silver beneath the trees. Early last night, the moon looked nearly full, but I just read the full moon will come on Wednesday. I was hoping to see it this morning, but it’s cloudy–no fog though.

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