Last night, I couldn’t sleep so came into the study to make sure dog was nicely tucked up on his chair. The night was beautifully clear and full of stars. The Pleiades were right in the middle of the window, winking at me. I have never noticed them before, not usually wandering the house in the middle of the freezing cold night. Coincidence, the OctPoWriMo prompt is to write a Pleiades poem. It should be about exuberance and happiness, but this is close. Might write a more excitable poem later.


Perpetual signals—

peel back the years and see

past written in bright lights,

perfect white brilliance.

Put the grey world behind,

peer into the starlit

patterns of ageless night.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

28 thoughts on “Pleiades”

  1. I’ve always been something of an amateur astronomer. It makes for a strange but happy marriage with sci-fi geek.

  2. They are known as the seven sisters because a good eye can see seven stars . Even in a small pair of binoculars they are a sight to be seen I have counted forty stars in a pair of 7X50’s. The story goes that the well known pilot Cats-Eyes Cunningham could see twelve. I have noticed Orion beginning to rise in the east at about 10pm a sure sign of winter.

    1. I looked at them with the binoculars (I always have them on thee desk because there’s always some bird or other to look at through the window) and was amazed. There are masses of them.

      1. I always think of Thomas Hardy ‘ The full-starred heaven that winter sees’ , it’s on its way .

  3. More coincidences! I wouldn’t know if I was seeing the Pleiades, though I like the name and story. I’m glad you got a lovely poem from your late night wandering though. 🙂
    Tucking in the dog made me think of younger daughter. She has to tuck their dog in several times each night, but their new puppy is at the animal ER. She had to have sudden, expensive surgery yesterday–it turned out she swallowed two socks.

    1. Uh oh! Poor dog and poor daughter! I’m pleased Finbar is a shredder and not an eater. Funny about those stars. I even looked at them through the binoculars. Yes, it was three in the morning and freezing cold. I get a thrill discovering things like that. It’s always dismissed as ‘useless information’ but I think it’s as useful as a lot of the junk I’ve picked up from reputable sources over the years.

      1. Yeah–the vet warned them that such cases are usually “repeat offenders” and suggested they get pet insurance. I am full of useless information, but actually I’m not sure how information can actually be useless. 🙂

      2. If your daughter had had that snippet of useless information about dogs being repeat sock offenders she might have been more careful. Nothing is ever useless. I make an exception for some individuals though…

    1. It was such an odd coincidence. To have been standing in the cold with a pair of binoculars at three in the morning because there was a star cluster I’d never noticed before, and for the Pleiades to pop up as a prompt!

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