Haibun: Just another Sunday

The first member of our family in generations to be injured on the barricades, son was just doing his job in a heroic waiter sort of way, piling up the tables and getting them inside before the mob arrived, when he was shot, copped a rubber bullet in the leg. An ansty CRS possibly thought he was piling up the tables to make a bonfire of them. Anyway, I’m proud of him, shot in the line of duty. His sister sent us a text later with a photo of the rioting below her window, and the tanks arriving. All the interesting stuff happens after we’ve left.

This is the winter

of our discontent

spring so far away.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

65 thoughts on “Haibun: Just another Sunday”

      1. It’s all over the place. There’s protest and there’s just plain looting going on. All the riot police are concentrated in the big cities. The kids are getting involved because it’s a big hoot throwing paving stones at the police. Mad.

      2. Hard to say. All of the political parties are having a field day whipping up the protests while saying how shocking the violence is. The protesters round here are having a wonderful time with their barbecues set up on the traffic roundabouts, their flags and their cars blocking the supermarkets and roads. They’re getting to lay down the law, forbid access to petrol stations and supermarkets and motorway exits. It suits a lot of people. They’re having fun.

      3. Husband is convinced there’s someone nasty behind it—Putin or Trump to name the most obvious. It’s all organised through FB, no names, no links and the founder members of the ‘movement’ say they have no control over anything any more.

      4. Easy to manipulate people, especially when their only news source is FB (why????) and the images that do the rounds are easily doctored, taken from other sources, are years old, have different captions added etc etc.

    1. He’s okay, thanks, Christine. Not even very shaken up by it. Bordeaux is like a war zone at the weekends. It’s the mob mentality. It will either fizzle out as people decided they’ve had enough not being able to do their Christmas shopping, it we’ll get Le Terreur.

      1. We’re okay here. The bands of gilet jaunes who were blocking the supermarkets in town the previous weekend were just setting up their barbecues on the roundabout this Saturday and were out shooting the wildlife yesterday. It’s all quiet again now.

      2. The President has just spoken, made a very good speech with lots of concrete measure to improve the situation of the poorest, and the response of the gilet jaunes—whatever he offers won’t be enough. Daft.

      3. It’s easy to see the faults. How can someone who works full time to earn just over 1000 euros a month be adequately represented by someone who earns six or seven times that amount? There are too many people making very comfortable livings out of the misery of the many.

      4. Yes it’s sad. It’s the way of the world 😢. We all live in capitalist societies – communism didn’t work. As long as you’re ok. Looks like Macron is working on it now. Good luck Jane 🙂👍

      5. He’s doing something. Not overthrowing the system, but the gilet jaunes don’t really want that anyway. Still, he could look for his funds in a more logical place. Like the man who was asked why he robbed banks—’that’s where the money is.’

      1. The protests are so vague and so vast. We need a shake up; the rich are too rich, the gap between them and the poor too wide. But the protestors don’t want a shake up. Most of them don’t bother to vote. It’s inarticulate and grabby. Much like the attitude of the grands patrons…

      2. It is the same everywhere these days. I hope your son is being well protected at his work space.

      3. No, he has a job indoors while his leg is bad, but they just have to get the place boarded up quickly if there’s any more trouble. There aren’t enough police to protect the public buildings. The restaurants have to look out for themselves.

    1. Accidentally. They are being sorely provoked and there aren’t a lot of them. I’m usually all for revolution, but this isn’t revolution, it’s just a bunch of people complaining about everything and a lot of young people profiting from the violent protests to smash things up and loot the Apple store, and pharmacies too for obvious reasons.

  1. Wow. What an insightful haibun and comment thread. I had no idea the riots are happening in the country areas. We only see short segments about the Paris riots on tv here. Your son was lucky the bullet hit in the leg and not the head or chest.
    It must be very frightening to be in France right now.

    1. Yes, he was lucky. The riots are probably being orchestrated by someone shady like Putin or Trump. It’s all organised through FB and the people who started it said at least a week ago that they don’t know what’s happening any more. There are people mainly rural, protesting about the rise in petrol prices. It’s a small segment of the population, not the poorest, but vociferous, who want to live in the countryside and have all the benefits of living in the towns like schools in every tiny village, hospitals no more than five minutes away, no speed restrictions on the roads, shops everywhere, but no taxes. The rioting is by the usual suspects, delinquents and looters who are profiting from the violence of the protesters to smash and burn and pillage. It isn’t a huge protest movement, but there’s definitely some power behind it egging it on.

      1. Thanks for letting me know all that back story. You are probably right – there probably is some weird virtually untraceable connection with FB agitation and Putin and/or Trump. What a crazy world. I hope things settle down in France very soon. I heard there are more demonstrations planned for next week end.

      2. Demonstrations are off because of the shootings at the Christmas Fair at Strasbourg. The rumours are going round on the social media that Macron engineered it so he could ban the demos. I don’t know whether people are really so crassly stupid or what.

      3. Another terrorist attack has brought everything back into perspective. The rioters are being condemned and the protesters are being told to go home. There are a lot of social injustices, but I don’t think these protesters are really intent on revolution. The organisers just really wanted cheaper petrol.

      4. Yes, the attack sounds terrifying. I saw it on the news last night. I hope they catch the guy quickly. It does put the protests in perspective.

      5. Yes, I saw it on the news. A terrible business. I’m sorry to hear about the riots continuing this weekend. I hope you and your family are well away from the danger zones.

    1. He’s okay. The bullet got him in the thigh muscle so it’s painful and badly bruised, but as it’s a low paid restaurant job he didn’t get any time off…. Thank goodness they’re resilient at that age.

      1. It’s being orchestrated by someone. The violence of the protestors is something we haven’t seen in a long time. Even the schoolkids are getting in on it, torching cars, chucking paving stones at the police. Because they don’t like the way the university application procedure has been changed…I don’t like the plastic front door the neighbour’s had put on, but I’m not setting light to the prefecture over it.

      2. There was a terrorist shooting in Strasbourg yesterday and the yellow idiots are spreading the rumour that it wasn’t a real terrorist attack—it was a fake attack with a fake terrorist, put up to it by guess who? Emmanuel Macron to give him an excuse to ban the GJ demos programmed for next Saturday. I’m pleased to say, their credibility is dropping with the minute after the mainstream media got hold of that gem of populist ignorance.

  2. I’m 100% behind demands for a more equal distribution of wealth, but I don’t think that’s what’s behind this. The sad thing is, the super rich are just laughing and watching them make fools of themselves.

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