Owl double florescence


Tonight the grass beneath

My feet has no cold teeth,

No frost with white-furred sheath casts pale light.


Clouds obscure the night sky,

In the dark no stars die,

Falling shards, no owls cry, dark as shrouds.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

24 thoughts on “Owl double florescence”

      1. Gosh that is dark. I do remember that from when I lived in the country years ago. Now there are always reflected city lights and street lights where I live.

      2. There’s nothing here, no street lights and no close neighbours. They all got to bed early in the countryside anyway 🙂 When there’s a moon it’s fine, but when there’s cloud and no moon, it is pitch.

      3. It must be very quiet or do you get wild animals that howl? Although I’m in a coastal town I’m surrounded by big trees. Every night I have possums jumping out of the trees and running across the roof. They sound like a herd of elephants sometimes. 🙂

      4. It’s very quiet. The owls make quite a lot of noise but it’s a gentle noise. The animals keep quiet. Too many men around with guns and nothing to do but kill things.

      5. I guess that’s the difference. No one hunts much anymore in Australia – apart from crazy duck shooters who get a couple of months to blast feathered things to bits in certain localities. Most of us want it banned. I think macho men hunt deer in the wild mountains and wild pigs in the far north. The hunting in your area sounds horrible. I guess it’s a cultural thing that has gone for centuries.

      6. It’s like everything here, a very small minority group with votes. The hunters are on a par with truck drivers—the minute they make a fuss about some proposed change to the laws, the government backs down. We all know who people like that vote for, so I don’t know why the mainstream parties take any notice of them.

  1. I haven’t experienced such a dark for a while. Being so high up there’s always some sort of a moon – even when we have electricity outages, which is often. I marvel how silent things go when the lights are out. I don’t mean the hum of electricity but probably that too, it is as if the air and land is resting from all the electrical light. A lack of activity, even though most people will be asleep. Even though we’re somewhat remote, I can see the lights from the village across the gorge and when it is misty it gives a huge orange glow, lighting up the sky from beneath.

    1. It’s strange but last night for example when there was heavy cloud, the horizon was orange and the darkness wasn’t total. Sometimes it is so dark I need a torch just to see my way up to the lane, and to walk along it without falling into the ditch at the side. Must be the lights of the town…but not always.

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