Always dance

Before doing anything else (apart from taking dog out for morning business, cleaning out woodstoves, lighting one, having a cup of coffee, putting the groceries away, feeding the birds, watering the cats indoors and plants outdoors, going down to the stream to hang up a squirrel treat in a poplar tree), I needed to listen to the Oracle. Glad I did.


Always dance like cats play,screen shot 2019-01-12 at 11.55.25

with the rhythm of life,

linger about green growing things,

and look for peace in the wet grass.

Listen to the voices of the trees,

remember, only hard hearts

are deaf to the music of the stars

and live as prisoners of the night.





Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

42 thoughts on “Always dance”

      1. i Don’t Know
        How to
        Dance or
        Is No
        to: WiLL Do It..
        From: i Make Spiral
        A’s in Church State
        And School TotAlly
        iGNoRiNG ‘tHE
        Like Tarbaby/
        Tarzan ThankS
        AGAiN.. Jane…;)

  1. I’m glad you did, too. What a delightful poem and such a wonderful message, too! Dance like cat play and “only hard hearts
    are deaf to the music of the stars.” Love that!
    I visited her yesterday for dVerse open link (so I can read yours) 🙂
    but maybe I’ll still see what she has to say today.

      1. I found an online oracle (magnetic poetry) and was checking it out last night. I see what you mean ❤ Jane, check out the new sonnet I put at d'Verse and let me know what you think ok?

      2. Blood, sweat, and tears on it. If you see what it was before and where it ended up, I’m not sure if the surgery killed the patient or not…

      3. So you wrote both? I get it now. I thought the second poem was written by someone else! The second version (ie the first poem) is better, I think, and I like the way you played around with the sound of the words. The third stanza wasn’t quite as successful to my ear, not sure why. You’re dead right though, sonnets are hard to write!

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