After the deluge

the flood waters recede. After three days of solid rain, it seems to have stopped. For the first of February, Imbolc, Brigid’s day, the sun has come back. I have seen butterflies, violet bees and the first speedwell and bugle flowers.

The ditch that runs from the field above down past our woodpile is a cascade.


The first morning sun in months. Feels like that anyway.


brief sun

Between the ditch and the stream, the ground is under water.



This ditch was too deep to wade through in rubber boots yesterday.



It runs parallel with the stream, then bends left through the hedge to join the stream.

through the hedge

This is where all the rain water ends up—in the Caillou and the culvert that carries it beneath the farm track.

caillou culvert


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

59 thoughts on “After the deluge”

  1. It is very pretty, Jane. Thanks for sharing.
    We had some sunny days finally, but bitter cold. Today it’s been snowing. It’s supposed to get warm in a very days, but I’m sure that’s just temporary. Happy February!

      1. I remember that one. Talk about creepy! The sweet little lambs will have a couple of years I should think before it’s their turn. The neighbour does it all himself so at least they don’t have to go to the slaughterhouse. We end up counting the sheep, just to check they’re still all there…

      2. I think generally speaking people who live in big towns and cities are more compassionate. They have broader horizons, meet people from diverse backgrounds. Country people are much more conservative and closed up.

      3. I think that rural people may be more conservative (it seems that way here) because of less exposure to diversity, as you say, but I’d hate to say necessarily less compassionate. I think it depends on the people, the area, etc. And I guess there are also city people who never leave their own neighborhoods.

      4. True. It’s impossible to generalise, but if you just go on voting patterns, and take majority views, it’s in the cities that people vote in a ‘compassionate’ way, and in the rural areas where they want to keep everything as it was a thousand years ago.

      1. We had thunder and lightning and a deluge for a few days. Rare event in San Diego so I loved listening to the clapping drums of thunder. Now ok bring back the Sun!🤩

      1. They’re preparing an onslaught for tomorrow. They’ve been quiet for the last few weeks but tomorrow they’re going to be releasing pheasants to shoot and hounding deer. I shall be on my nerves all day.

      2. Dont worry our “special people” get concessions by EU. They use the EU foundings for their own pleasure. The other are most time at work (in industry), and do not really know how many money the EU gave.

      3. That is why Trump could be right, that the EU will soon be broken down. He has the information of the US intelligence services. Information now delivered by every smartphone, every transaction and every word written. ;-( Some years ago the NSA published they will soon be able to predict civil war activities and similar things three days in advance.

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