Haibun for the black tides

Yet another nasty piece of shit crime, on the day of the march to oppose anti-semitism.

For the Daily Inkling’s ‘Monster’ prompt.

Quatzenheim is nowhere, anywhere, a quiet little town on the Alsace-German border, type with storks in the chimneys and Korean tourists in the streets, where last night, by the light of the moon, there was a furtive fluttering in the Jewish cemetery. And lo, this morning, the tombs are decorated with daubs of bright paint, and eighty swastikas march among the solemn stones.

In Paris, Simone Veil’s face branded with the broken cross stares grimly from its defaced commemorative street art. You thought it had gone away?

The black tides rise

they hate you

and me too.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

58 thoughts on “Haibun for the black tides”

  1. Well written and so evocative of the hate crime we see again and again. I wish we could learn from our mistakes, but it feels as though humans are stuck in a loop of destruction. How on earth did we evolve to this point?

    1. I don’t like to say this, but the people who do this kind of thing haven’t failed to learn anything. What is there to learn? That Jews are not really sub-humans? They know that. What they have inside their dark little brains is what they have chosen to put there. They like it. Some people are just stupid, brutish and ugly.

      1. We have to focus on those who don’t behave in this way. Not all the world is dark; light exists for those who seek it. We just have to turn our backs on the darkness to find that light.

      2. I grew up with racist parents in a mixed school. I have to be positive, otherwise all is lost. We can’t give up. You and I are both good, therefore, we have helped to tip the scales. Just add more people that you know are good and the cup suddenly fills. Keep filling that cup. I do when I have the privilege of meeting lovely people like you. 😊

      3. I can tell you think deeply about what is ‘right’. We all should, really ask ourselves, is this ‘right’, ‘just’, ‘fair’, ‘humane’, and not trot out the party line or the religious line, or the ‘traditional’ line. We should think for ourselves and look deep into our hearts (if e have them) before condemning or grabbing or harming. It’s hard when so many people are complacent about their little grubby bit of happiness. We have just discovered on of the people you refer to, the like minds who pass unnoticed. A neighbour, married to a hunter who hates what he does, hates when the municipal hedge trimmer mutilates the hedgerow, cultivates wild flowers in her ‘garden’, encourages the wildlife and roars at the hunters who prowl around (including her husband who isn’t allowed to shoot around here). She’s an ordinary, quiet lady with modest education and very modest means, but she has a huge sense of humanity. It is such an encouraging feeling to know that there are people like that around πŸ™‚

    1. Ask the Christians. The Jews killed their God and they’ve never forgiven them. Mind you, the Muslims don’t like them either and Islam is just a very junior branch of Judaism. Jealousy maybe. Palestine is just a handy excuse, like the Crusades in the 12th century.

      1. To share a quote from a local Jewish woman, the only one in parliament at the time, who advocated against racism. She was asked once, what did the Jews do to bring the Bible (Christianity) to the heathens (the black people), as that is what the Afrikaans/Dutch did or so they claimed. She said: We wrote it! Made me laugh!

      2. That was the first booby prize the black Africans got. The Jews don’t foist their beliefs on anyone. I don’t count what Netanyahu and his supporters are doing. They’re going against the grain of their own history.

    1. Ordinary people don’t care. They ask why we’re still making such a fuss about the Jews. What about the Catholic churches that get tagged with anarchist slogans? Not that French Catholics were shipped off en masse to the gas chambers by the Nazis…

      1. Do a graffiti in a muslim church…whater it is called. You can do it to catholics and is no news, some white blond guy does it to a Muslim church and the news are going 100%

      2. Probably because catholics in a Catholic country can never be a persecuted minority. I agree, we get hypersensitive to offending Muslims. But that’s just religion. I think they should all develop thicker skins. Profanation of Jewish cemeteries is different though. It’s not a just religion that’s being attacked, it’s swastikas that are being plastered, and Nazism promoted.

  2. Haters are gonna hate. People with extreme hate need a focal point to project their hate. It’s not a religious thing, it’s not a racial thing, it’s not a political thing. It’s just that some people have extreme hate to the point of wanting to do damage. We all have to bear our tiny burdens of small prejudices, small dislikes, small irritations with others. But some people just have extreme hate.

  3. It’s a disease, and it almost doesn’t matter to them what they target. Immigrants, Jews, women, black people, people who speak a different language. How do humans get this way? What synapse is missing? (K)

    1. There will always be something. The comments on it are depressing enough. There’s a lot of latent anti-semitism here, like in all Catholic countries. You’d have thought they’d have grown out of it by now. Add the Islamic anti-semitism, the general indifference and you have a nasty climate developing.

      1. In one of the Star Trek movies, they go back in time to Earth. I don’t really remember the plot, except that whales (of course) are the key elements. πŸ™‚

      2. It’s still Kirk–or maybe he’s an admiral at that point–but it’s that original gang. I think Spock was resurrected from something that happened in the previous movie.

      3. I have seen some Star Trek films with captain Kirk and Spock when they were older but I’ve got a bit lost in all the different manifestations of the series.

      4. Yeah, I don’t remember the timelines for the movies, but we watched and re-watched Next Generation and Voyager, and we’ve also seen the newer movies. There’s another Star Trek series going on now, but it’s on a station that you have to pay for.

      5. Yes, Patrick Stewart is Capt. Picard in Next Generation. I like him, too. We watched that series “live” when it was first on and our girls were little. It brings back lots of fond memories. Older daughter’s cat at the time (now deceased) was named Tasha for the character Tasha Yar on that show. πŸ™‚

      6. Oh, you saw that too! II think I read somewhere he wore a wig for that role. I rewatched it not long ago. The BBC did some tremendous series in the 70s. Did you see him in North and South, the adaptation of Mrs Gaskell’s novel?

      7. I Claudius was so good. I’m not sure if I saw North and South–I don’t remember him. But there were some excellent shows then. We got some of them here as Masterpiece Theatre, then hosted by Alistair Cooke.

      8. It was a great period for drama. The sets were rubbish bit the acting was first rate. Alistaire Cooke was relegated to the radio here. I couldn’t stand him but my grandma liked him.

      9. Haha! He had a radio spot called Letter from America where he rambled about the US and name-dropped and ended with the line that was supposed to be the theme of the broadcast. Clever stuff, but not my idea of fun.

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