49 thoughts on “Haiku: Thin ice”

    1. Not so many, but I like to use poetry as a break from writing prose. The way of thinking is slightly different, but there’s a certain amount of crossover especially in descriptive passages and writing about emotions.

    1. Everything’s fine thanks. It’s years since I’ve had that feeling. We had a four of the children over today and had a lovely time. The weather was glorious thank goodness as their appreciation of nature goes stale very quickly 🙂

      1. I made a similar type of thing for the meat eaters for Saturday night, along with baked stuffed potatoes, homemade bread, salad, and applesauce, so there were plenty of veggie things, too. We have tons of cookies and cake here, too. . .

      2. I had intended to make an apple crumble because it’s easy and I love desserts made with apple. Husband decided he’s save me the trouble. There was a panettone tasting (yes, I know but this is France) in the strange shop that sells a wide range of totally weird and wonderful items from frozen lobsters, to vegan tuna, to deluxe cat food, to English biscuits, Chinese wine…Anyway, he bought three giant size panettoni. Problem of dessert solved for about three months.

      3. There’s a vegan spread that looks like margarine but doesn’t contain any dairy products or palm oil. Not sure what it does contain… It’s called St Hubert here. St Hubert being the patron saint of hunters, not sure about the significance.

      1. Some of those I lost…I never quite knew so well. It is how others react – to our own reactions. Support is welcome, they can leave out the closeted skeletons.

      2. My mom passed when I was young – the elders dealt with her death by not saying much of anything at all. That was tough. Not knowing anything.

      3. I’ve heard that often, children being kept out of their parents’ deaths because someone considered they weren’t old enough to be involved. Death belongs to all of us. We all have to cope with it however young. All of my tots said goodbye to Granddad and Grandma in the coffin. The youngest was fifteen months.

      4. I always remind my own children that even though they never met my birth mother or some of their grandparents that those people related by blood or marriage are a part of who they are. 🙂

      5. Yes, I believe it’s a duty. We are all just part of the chain and it goes back forever. We have to pass on all that we know and remember because it’s what we are.

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