Random momentous thoughts


This Daily Inkling’s prompt is to write a ten-sentence story using the word randomizer. The words are to be used, one in each sentence in the order they are given by the randomizer. The words I got were:

cooing, stir, dry, far-flung, bee, tacit, chide, fill, complain, punishment.

In the park, mothers are cooing at babies in prams, pigeons are cooing at pieces of stale bread, and the traffic drones. A breeze stirs washing drying on a line at the other side of the road and I imagine a white-sailed ship carrying me to some far-flung paradise that only exists in history books, and even then, their truths are disputed. Anywhere would be paradise compared to this, where excitement is watching a bee pollinate a daisy.

We don’t complain about the irreality of this existence; there’s a tacit understanding that we have chosen gadgets and virtual reality to the earthy, untidy needs of nature and must accept the consequences. Below in the park, a mother chides her child for picking the daisy—one less, one step closer to extinction.

The media fill our minds with the comforting news so many of us prefer to the truth, like there’s no such thing as climate change, the bees are fine, the ocean levels aren’t rising, and Bangladesh was a waste of space anyway. We complain about the cost of everything, want it cheaper and cheaper, so we can have more and more junk, regardless of the real cost in misery and destruction. Our punishment will be annihilation, straight after the bees.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

8 thoughts on “Random momentous thoughts”

    1. Thanks Vivian! I was lucky with the words. Even then, they weren’t all words I’d choose normally. Fitting them in in the same order is tricky too, but it’s a discipline, so it’s worth doing.

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