Yesterday I walked up to the top of the south facing valley side to see how spring was progressing.


The fruit trees are all in bloom, plum


cherry, and the blackthorn. The smell is delicious.


From the road that runs along the top of the ridge, you get a good view across the farmland that rolls back from the Garonne.



Going back down, I tried to get a shot of the château on our side of the valley but there wasn’t enough sun. It often looks a bit sinister. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sun on it.



Going down into our woods. The photo has stretched out the lane and made it look flat. It’s in fact quite steep…

our woods

I’ll put a few flowers in another post.

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

52 thoughts on “Farmland”

    1. The colours are coming now. The lack of hedgerows is noticeable though. It’s in the last twenty years they’ve all been ripped up. Such a shame. And where it’s arable now there were small dairy herds.

    1. It was windy with quite a lot of cloud yesterday. The little telephone did quite a good job though :)I think we’re just a bit further on. In a few weeks everything will be out.

  1. A beautiful part of the world. Haven’t been there in donkey’s years. Could use a little of your spring in our neck of the woods, rather than the snow expected tonight. Sometimes the cold just saps the soul.

    1. You’ll probably find it changed a lot, low scaIe cheap urban developments and the same mania for rooting up hedgerows as everywhere else. What saves it here is the small size of the farms and a lot of them are going organic.
      I thought you’d been having record temperatures same as us.

      1. Ah, no, battling far worse than NHS. The US system sucks. White Christmas land – sometimes – but haven’t had a proper white Yule for many years. Looks like we might have a white St Patrick’s Day, though.

      2. We have pretty decent health care here and everyone has access to specialists and hospitals but it doesn’t come cheap. The ‘populist’ social movement wants to dump contributions to funding of healthcare and schools, airports, infrastructures etc but they’d change their minds if they had to fork out of their pockets every time they got sick.
        It doesn’t often snow at all here, a flurry every five or six years apparently. I don’t want St Patrick’s Day in the snow thanks 🙂

      3. What people don’t seem to get here is that, yes, universal health care will raise taxes a bit but nothing like what most people would spend out of pocket for private insurance and, likely, with better outcome. But god forbid Americans should adopt something “socialist” Europe does. Rampant stupidity…..

      4. Europe is going through a bad phase of system-bashing at the moment (like 1930s), in the mistaken belief that the leaders of the anti-system movements are not as deeply implicated in it as all political leaders. They’d like to do away with a lot of social policies because the right wing politicos who feed them this drivel tell them that only immigrants are benefitting from it. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

  2. Lovely–I’m glad you added the comment about the scent, too. We had snow yesterday, and then it turned to sleet, then rain.
    I sense a story about the chateau where the sun never shines. 🙂

    1. I’ve never been along the track to have a look at it although it’s apparently a right of way. Everywhere around here is just a cart track and most of them just end up in a farmyard. It’s a creepy looking place and I have yet to see the sun strike it.

      1. Ah, no. That’s a house that Anne used as a setting for Wildfell Hall. It looks very like Oakwell Hall that Charlotte used for Shirley, about half a mile from where I was brought up. They lived at the parsonage at Haworth.

      2. The room in the photo looked kind of cozy, but I’m not sure I’d like sleeping in a bed like that. And of course, there it would be haunted. 🙂

      3. Those rooms look cosy because they’re tiny, but there’s no insulation and they are draughty as hell. Hence the box beds. Doesn’t explain the ghosts though…They just breeze through I suppose 🙂

    1. It’s going to get cooler and damp, but not cold, and we probably won’t get proper rain either. I don’t mind for me,but it’s not good for the water levels.

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