Haibun for March

A March haibun for the dverse prompt.


Wind blows, bends the trees, still leafless but greening or white with blossom, roars in the chimney and rattles shutters. On the meadow’s edge, the hares race and the deer rest sniffing the scents of new life coming. Clouds bowl on the back of the west wind, sky washed pale blue, fresh as the salt sea, and the trailing threads of geese and cranes gone a-viking shout their joyful homecoming songs.

blossom froths

foam beaten by the wind

spring tide running high


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

43 thoughts on “Haibun for March”

  1. I love the geese and cranes giving their Viking shouts “their joyful homecoming songs.”
    I’m seeing lots of geese families here. I thought of your hares with this prompt.

    1. The hares pop up at odd times. I saw one yesterday afternoon pottering about. Last night I thought there was one by the hedge when I took Finbar out for his last pee. I saw it’s eyes in the torchlight, a critter close to the ground. It watched us go down the lane and hadn’t moved when we came back. I wondered if it was injured and walked up to it (Finbar didn’t see it as usual). It finally got up and walked away. It turned out to be deer having a lie down.

      1. He never sees anything. If something leaps out from under his feet he freezes, watches until it gets out of sight then barks and strains at the leash. Bella figura and bone idle.

      2. I’m sure he does, but he pretends he knows nothing about them until they’ve got clear away. Saves energy.
        The deer got to its feet when we were about ten yards away and watched us from a standing position. It walked off into the hedge once we’d gone back up onto the lane. It maybe recognises guns and the kind of dogs that just aren’t going to be bothered.

  2. A very tight haibun, excellent wordsmithing! I guess we have Spring on our minds out here on the trail. The V-flocks of geese wing by daily now.

  3. Our wild pear trees are blooming and if course my flowering quince. Spring is starting to slowly slide in. Finbar sounds like a marvelessly laid back dog.

    1. We don’t have wild pears but I’ll have to check on the quince trees. Finbar’s function in life is to catch hares. Like most Galgos, he prefers chasing things (particularly cats) to catching them. He’s got to an age where he prefers not to notice critters of any kind (except cats) in case someone insists he chase it and kill it. He knows he’s safe with me 🙂

  4. Such a glorious image of the oncoming spring! I loved this bit particularly: “Clouds bowl on the back of the west wind, sky washed pale blue, fresh as the salt sea…”

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