Slowly, the night

I’ve returned to the san san and am enjoying the way it links and repeats the same images. Here is a faintly (very faintly) creepy one for the NaPoWriMo prompt.


Slowly it creeps, furtive ink-seep of night,

sucks out the blue and bright gold from the sky—

I smell fungal breath of leaf mould and dead things.

Shadows with night fingers rustle dry leaves,

that once held the life-giving gold of the sun,

coaxing the purblind, the pallid, to walk

beneath the cold gaze of the glittering stars,

dead things that watch while night’s pale fungus grows.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

19 thoughts on “Slowly, the night”

      1. You too. After we here had restructured the situation, you are very welcome. Here at the end of Germany – some say “end of the world” – you will get the best knowledge about Germans.

      1. What a great mindset to have when writing ~ Words can truly be used like brush strokes to create images in our mind! I’ll try to apply that concept to my own writing, and so what comes from it 🙂

      2. I wrote my dissertation about teaching ways into reading and writing. I used art work and music as well as story-telling and let the children mix them up to tell and write and paint. It produced beautiful and extraordinary results. So much so that the examiners apparently queried them and asked my tutor for corroboration!

      3. Wow that’s such a creative method. As someone who enjoys visual arts as well, really love the idea of intersecting different art forms together. it’s amazing the talent that children can have 😀

  1. Definitely has a spooky feel of dread and decay.
    My children’s kindergarten teacher used all the arts as a way into writing (and reading too). Much better than rote memorization. (K)

    1. I I never got a job teaching as the ‘progressive’ methods seemed to have gone out of fashion. You can’t quantify the effect and you can’t do tests, get numbers.

      1. I was shocked when I came to France to find children from age six sitting in rows and all doing the same thing at the same time. All ‘work’. But it’s like that in the UK too. Results, league tables, numbers, job training, that’s all ‘education’ has become.

      2. They seem to have forgotten that learning is not a line of numbers that keeps getting higher. But if you really teach people to think, then they start to question things…

      3. That is a dangerous precedent. I heard some boss yesterday bemoaning the fact that she has so many jobs left vacant because she can’t get qualified staff. She does something with agglo, sticking bits of wood chips together. She thinks it’s a shortfall in the education system that she has to teach new employees how to do the job (wood chips, glue, sticking etc) that it’s the school’s job to teach kids how to make chipboard.
        Karl Marx berated the education system for producing compliant workers and everybody pooh poohed it. He was COMPLETELY right.

      4. I went to a fashion trade school and I still learned 99% of what I needed to know on the job. Luckily they expected to teach us.

  2. The ink-seep of night – ooooooooooh I love love LOVE that image, and there’s so many striking ones, I’ll just say that I love the entire poem because I dooooo. I must attempt the san san one of these days when my brain is up for it! (Funnily enough, San San was the name of my character in a game I was playing – she was a vampire in a fictional Chinatown, a Chinese opera singer by training.)

    I ended up visiting the Oracle for my Day 13 – I wouldn’t call it spooky, but maybe mysterious. She made me work for it too! And YAY YOU CAN COMMENT NOW!

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