Morning light

I took some photos this morning, it was so still and warm. Amid the usual racket of thrushes, blackbirds, wood pigeons, nightingales, great tits and woodpeckers, (and the bactrian army) I could hear the first flutes of the golden orioles from the poplars and somewhere close the oop-oop-oop of the hoopoes. Everyone who is anyone has arrived. Spring can begin.


Looking west and south.April192.jpg


Looking into the sunrise and the pond where the bactrian orchestra practices.


Poplars, hibiscus and the rose tree planted round about the time of the Great War.


North side of the house where we ought to build a moat for drainage. One day…


Bear’s garlic grows everywhere in the shade by the house. Like white blue bells…but the smell isn’t exactly the same.


The meadow is full of blue flax flowers. Too much light to get the colour though.

flax flowers1.jpg


So much light

caught in petal bowls

bounced along blades of grass

fueling root and stalk

jungle of life.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

19 thoughts on “Morning light”

      1. I’m surprised those poplar from The Great War are still alive. Must be a different variety from the ones around here, as they only last 20-30 years. There are few signs of life popping here. I do see a few iris leaves, the the red squirrels haven’t eaten all of the rhizomes yet. They have underground homes right in the midst of them.

      2. I don’t know when the poplars were planted. We only know about the rose trees that they were planted by the mother of the previous owner who was born in 1911. Two of the poplars have come down so the remaining trees are probably ripe for blowing over onto the power line…

  1. It’s so pretty, Jane. So green and lush, and dotted with the flowers. We had heavy rain earlier, and now its grey and dreary–though the birds have been singing throughout. 🙂

    1. The weather has been strange this last week. Supposed to be hot and sunny but there’s been a wind from the east blowing and covering the sky. It’s been hot today but I don’t think it’s set to last.

    1. The birds are going full throttle if you listen from the windows on the west side, but from the south and east all you hear morning noon and night are bloody frogs, toads and newts (if newts make a noise ever they will here). There are ducks and herons from time to time but not often enough to make any inroads on the population.

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