Europe in song

To celebrate Europe, I’ve put together a few of my favourite songs. Sorry Portugal, Denmark and the old Eastern block, my culture isn’t broad enough to know much about your music.

I have a soft spot for Charles Trenet. My mother knew all his songs. The nuns at her school taught them…

The music of my London student days.

Andrea Boccelli because I love this song.

Belgium is Brel.


Three in one (I know Norway isn’t strictly Europe). A Spaniard singing a song in German written by a Norwegian.

How to pick just one?

This makes me weep buckets. I know. Shame it’s not the whole song. I love Anthony Kearns.

A bonus to make up for it…


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

18 thoughts on “Europe in song”

  1. Thank you for the great collection, Jane! Good to know for the next weeks, months, perhaps years, because now after the elections nobody does the work. Only discussions, and the old differences between France and Germany will come up again. Who will win the presidency? 🙂 Michael

    1. These elections have certainly been a shake-up. I’m pleased that the Green parties have done so well. It might mean they get listened to a bit more often. I don’t know who will take over from Angela, but I imagine we’re going to have a stand off between Marine and Emmanuel again.

      1. I hope Timmermans will win the challenge. Manfred Weber is too much influenced by his Bavarians, means the nobility here. This can cause further problems with eastern European states. I hope too Macron will have luck against Le Pen.

      2. Yes, i also think so. Just a hour ago Merkel sweared to help Weber. Lol This in the past meant she does not like him too. 😉 I think Angela will not do so. They (the (Bavarian) CSU harmed her to much in the past. As i heared too, Macron is calling all the others against Weber. Could be very intersting the next days. 😉

      3. Lol This could be fun for a long time. Against all predictions, most people voted for Farage, and his Brexit-party. Means to me, all the publications the UK people dont want to leave the EU were fake news. By myself i think there was and is too much German money laundry within the UK.

      4. :-)) Poor Queen Lizzy. You heared about our Germany Specials who always inviting Charles bringing up our German nobility in future too? 😉 They will not end bringing back the medieval ages to Europe. ;-(

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