Tanka for the summer solstice

For Frank Tassone’s weekly haikai challenge.


hung between

day and night balanced on

the edge of summer

axis tips and we begin

the slow slide into winter

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

23 thoughts on “Tanka for the summer solstice”

      1. Today it’s 90°F in the shade outside and feels pleasantly warm. Indoors, we have 68°F and it’s jumper-wearing cold. I don’t know what the solution is but this house isn’t it!

      2. Wow, that’s quite a contrast in temps! So sorry to heart that; it’s about 100 heat index out here & we try to get by with 78 or so inside w/the AC, the ceiling fans really help; but 68 inside, that’s chilly when it’s real warm outside!

      3. The house is stone and the floors are terracotta tiles placed directly on the soil, no foundations. There are veins of water running beneath that rise up like condensation on the tiles in some places when it’s really wet. We keep cool when it’s really hot (it’s set to hit 95° today) but in winter it’s dire even though it never gets properly cold here. We need a winter palace…

      4. I do know what you mean, though in a slightly less intense experience. We lived in an older house (not now) with the ground anywhere from a foot to inches from the hard tile floor. Yes, nice in hot weather, almost unbearable even in the relatively short winters we have here, brrrrr 🙂

      5. A lot of the houses in these parts were constructed like that. They were intended for poor agricultural workers who would have been out working from dawn to dusk anyway. Very basic. If you don’t intend to be out digging fields all day but sitting in front of a computer, it changes your perspective, and your idea of necessary comfort!

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