#writephoto: Vibes

This is for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 17.42.00

Usually, when you visit an old house with the prospect of buying it, you like to know its history. Betty stood on the landing beneath a grimy fanlight that transformed sunlight into thundercloud, looked at the doors grinning on either side of the long, dusty corridor, with their promise of secrets to be uncovered, and she shivered.

Usually, she would have been poking about in the empty rooms, throwing open windows and imagining, planning, projecting. She knew, without even looking, that these windows were not meant to open, the hush in these rooms was the silence of locked drawers.

Usually, she would have been full of questions about who, how long, and why. The silence dared her to stir the dust. She backed away. This time, she decided, she didn’t want to know.

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

27 thoughts on “#writephoto: Vibes”

      1. I heard on the news that the farmers here are going to be allowed to mow the fields that are out of cultivation (they get paid for not growing anything in them) to feed livestock, because of the dry weather. There isn’t enough grass for the number of cattle, yet they’re talking about how wonderful it is that it’s going to be easier for French farmers to get rid of their surplus milk productions by exporting to South America!!!! Logic?

      2. All about modern farming is logical. 😉 The industries said. Since RoundUp they are only on the money earning trip. Here too. Our farmers are using their assets producing only for bio reactors. The rest of the – sorry – shit with hormones – will be carried back to the meadows. In a few years you cant eat anything from here.

      3. Speaking of Africa, I listened to a fascinating programme on the radio yesterday about the hold of Heineken on African economies and the role it plays in corruption, even in the Rwandan genocide. I know Heineken isn’t German, but I bet they have a similar can’t live without product.

      4. I think most of German bigger companies involved in corruption. All of these are in dual-use-business, means the products are useable for military purposes too. The automotive industries is very deep in it, and for making military useable cars you only need cevelaer BMW produces itself. Bavaria is leader in this dual-use things.

  1. There is a distinct eerieness to your story, Jane. It goes perfectly with the photo. That passageway is a bit scary – you go first.

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