None so blind


The truth is there

in the morning dew, the evening mist,

in the careful tread of the deer

in the curled bud of a rose.

The truth is in beseeching hands,

reaching from the waves.

The children with death in their eyes tell it best,

and the mighty forest, no more than a raw scar.

The truth is in the melting icecaps,

the cows that never walk on grass,

the children forced to take up arms

and kill parents and siblings.

The truth points its finger at us

every minute of every day,

its dance macabre darkening the noonday sun,

empty  ribs casting shadows on the sand,

on the pavements, on our faces,

but we are what we are—

none so blind as those who will not see.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

90 thoughts on “None so blind”

    1. I don’t think it’s hard to see the truth at all. We can all see the misery, the scientific evidence, the news footage. We all know how we are responsible to a greater or lesser degree for bringing that misery about. Denial is a choice, not a genuine misunderstanding.

    1. I think we all see and anyone with half a brain understands the implications. Just because your Nikes were made by children in a foreign country doesn’t make them any less children. We can deny science or say there is conflicting evidence, but in the end, it’s a choice to make life more comfortable.

    1. We have never let go of some of the great notions. There’s a lynch mob after a child because she dares to voice the scientific evidence that shows the way we are treating the planet is killing it.

      1. Right, Jane! I just wonder why this took so long? I also wonder why this Greta Thunberg is proclaimed as a kind of promise, that came from heaven. I am somewhat critical of this, as the rulers – with the help of the Church – in the past have always practiced this in a similar way. We should not forget who actually reigns in Europe? Certainly not the citizens as sovereigns.;-)

      2. Every single politician, church leader, business entrepreneur has an agenda, has been bought by one lobby or another, out of self-interest. None of those politicians who criticise Greta Thunberg for being manipulated are independent themselves. Vendus all of them. She is shaking up the cozy arrangements between the state and big business. I hope she can bypass the nay-sayers in power and get the support of the excluded—the people.

      3. I don’t see the connection. There is a lot more talk about climate change and our inaction, especially among young people, so it seems logical that a young person with strong convictions should be the one to take our self-serving politicians and shake them up. It isn’t just about fossil fuel, it’s our lifestyle, the basis of our economies and our societies that has to change radically.

  1. Your take on the old adage is stark and scary, Jane, especially the juxtaposition of the peaceful morning scene, the careful tread of the deer and the curled bud of a rose, with the children with death in their eyes, melting icecaps and cows that never walk on grass. The most vivid line for me is truth’s ‘dance macabre darkening the noonday sun, / empty ribs casting shadows…’

  2. This is one of your best poems i have read. Really stunning in the precise images you give.. Especially:

    The truth is in the melting icecaps,
    the cows that never walk on grass,
    the children forced to take up arms
    and kill parents and siblings.

    1. I could have said ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident’. Doesn’t make any difference. People believe what suits their comfortable little existences. No mystery, no confusion, just selfish egoism.

  3. I’m always amazed that the people who care are hard pressed to be able to do anything about the erosion of our natural resources. Sure, we can opt to not use plastic where possible, and try to conserve water, and keep our part of the land free of pesticides, but in the end, it’s those in power who CAN make a vast difference, yet greed prevails in their every move.

    1. It’s true, power corrupts, and those in power soon get a taste for it. Our job as voters is to vote for people who will change things. But first we have to prove we actually want change by doing what we can, change our diet, our mode of transport, cut out unnecessary travelling, unnecessary chemicals in the home, plastic packaging, generally don’t buy food and not eat it, eat less and better. There are lots of things that add up to a whole lot if everyone does it.

      1. It is, terribly. But I think things are changing. The politicians who are caught out with lavish lifestyles, watching bullfights, taking a plane when they could use the train, are being called out and made to explain themselves. We’re not going to stand for double standards much longer. But in the meantime we have to bite the bullet and make drastic changes in the way we live.

  4. I’ve never felt so ill-equipped in my life as I do today in teaching the next generation, or anyone really. And it’s getting worse by the day, my own inadequacy, I mean. And I have made a vow of poverty/not-for-profit that I’ve been practicing for over a decade, I stopped eating meat at age 9, I don’t use Amazon and shop locally, I consciously limit my travel and don’t fly at all, we waste zero food and have grown our own produce for five years. But there is still something –something more vital than all of this — that I must be missing that is making me feel like a hypocrite who’d be better off keeping her mouth shut than to be one more preacher out there, as the land burns and the ocean rises.

    1. That’s all you can do, set the example. We don’t eat meat, don’t travel anywhere, only buy locally produced food, no imports outside Europe, no plastic packaging except for stuff like detergent, limit the washing machine, have no TV, dishwasher, clothes drier, have only bought second hand clothes and shoes for thirty years and we’d do more. If imports were cut drastically, we’d do without, and not complain. But that’s the minimum everyone has to do, and the majority will balk and complain. It’s going to have to be legislation. The young people (some of them) understand and will adapt. It’s in their interest. Older people don’t care. They’ll be dead soon anyway. It’s the older, rich people who won’t give up their privilege to waste and pillage. Unfortunately, they are our leaders…

    1. Thank you. If there is a group of people I despise it’s the climate change deniers. They refuse the evidence of their own eyes, refute science and believe implicitly in Genesis.

      1. Ah Genesis, yes I love a good story. Some people simply don’t know the difference between reality and metaphor (for example). There’s a group that began in the US called creation science (sic) who promote said Genesis. Quite mad, but sadly impacting everyone.

      2. I don’t even know that it’s mad. It’s calculating. If you claim Genesis is literal truth it gives Man licence to do anything. God gave us the earth and everything in it to be our underlings. Then we have the hierarchy among human beings—Woman being at the bottom of the pile. It suits too many people too well.

      3. And yet some of us still cling to it, in its biblical manifestation or any other holy book you care to name. Societies are built on inequalities and oppression.

      4. I hope so too. As somebody commented recently, we confuse morality and religion too easily. They are completely separate concepts. It’s time we concentrated on morality for a change, and building on that, we might get a Utopia

  5. Culture The Virus Collective
    So-Called Intelligence Creates
    So Many Eyes No Longer Seeing
    The Guinea Pig
    We All Are Now
    Today i Breathe
    Breath or Not
    My How the
    Wind Grows Dark..:)

      1. SMiLes my Friend i
        Literally LiVE iN What
        Social Scientists Assess
        As the Most Difficult USA Place to be Different And Accepted by Others
        SMiLes So What Do
        i Do i Dance A Free Style
        Public Ballet 11,800 Miles in 72 Months Mixed With Martial Arts at 240 Pounds Warming Up With Ballet
        Before i Leg Press 1340 Pounds 18 Reps for
        100 Seconds At 59 At
        The Military Gym The
        Ignorant Pretend they
        Don’t See me Those
        Ripe to ‘Corrupt’
        For Change
        And Yes Vote
        For Different
        In 2020 Do See
        All of me and
        Cheer me on
        Video Taping me
        Spreading Different
        Wild And Free the State
        Of Florida Where Elections May
        Gore Determine
        The Fate of the
        Living Environment
        The Flower State is
        Shaped Like A Revolver
        Yes A Hand Gun in
        This Panhandle Yes
        The Barrel of
        The Gun the only
        Place Trump Admits
        A Crowd of ‘Christians’
        With a Locality of
        The Record for most
        Churches per Square
        Mile Will Cheer For
        And Get Away With
        Jeering In A Crowd
        ‘Shoot Them’ Yes
        Crucify the poor
        ‘Jesus’ Crossing
        The Border fleeing
        Death into the arms
        Of Fear And Hate
        No Mangers Open
        In Panhandle
        The Least i
        Will Do is be A
        Dancing Spree
        In the
        Barrel of this
        Gun of Fear
        And Hate Just
        to Create A Butterfly
        Affect of LoVE For
        Change SMiLes the
        7.2 Million Word
        Longest Long Form
        Epic Free Verse Bible
        Poem i Wrote In
        The Same 72 Months
        As A Passing Fancy
        While i rested my
        Feet is just
        Salad Dressing
        And Icing In
        Park’ as they
        Continue to
        Attempt to
        Melt the Cake
        Of Nature that
        Bites Back and
        Will Burn
        Of THeiR Lungs
        MeanWhile i
        i See
        The Wind…
        The Ignorant
        Still PreTEnD
        They Don’t See ‘me’..;)

      2. Best to be Closer
        to Invisible
        Amongst Enemies
        Of Love for
        To measure
        Levels of Human
        Trump Hate
        For Different Now
        So Very Sad it is…
        Oh J F C…
        Subject Matter Never
        Ends For Orange T Burps

      3. SMiLes Jane.. The Color
        of Hell Lacks Empathy
        Empathy for Human
        Animals the Rest of the
        Crop Empathy for the Mother
        Who Nurtures all of us from
        Birth EartH So Yes the Fires Rage
        on in the Colors of Trumps Now
        The Problem is Obvious Half the
        World Does not Believe this is the Real World Snake Oil
        Sold on Paradise After Death When all there is in Science
        Aided Eyes Views are Hot and Cold Rocks That Will Birth no Green…
        Green is the color of Life
        the Orange of Flames
        Burns away now
        the Excess Brush
        of the Forest that
        sadly now is we
        the Virus of
        God Head
        of Orange the
        Fires that Burn
        Without Empathy
        for anything other than Orange…
        i have to Say Jane as a University
        Degreed and Readied Anthropologist
        who ended up Studying Humans Managing
        a Military Bowling Center For Pay but never
        Caring about Or Learning How to Bowl Just a
        Job to get By but Oh Lord so many ‘Subjects’ to study
        in the Field as Just a Volunteer Participant Anthropology
        Observer that at Gold we all are to make the Best of Our lives
        in the HeaR
        And Now
        of Life
        in Paradise
        of Nature that
        moves connects and
        co-creates at least.. It is the Fear the Price
        of Hating Different in all due seriousness
        When Gay Folks Got the Right to get married there
        was so much Hatred in Most every Church from Protestant
        to Catholic.. that they were willing to Sell their Soul to the Devil
        to Bring Back Control of other Human Beings and yes they did.. and
        yes for those who are afraid of Different they will always sell their Soul to
        that only
        and Hate within….
        ‘Trump’ is their Jesus
        And ‘Trumps’ Wrote the Old
        Testament and part of the new
        one too this should be no Surprise my friend..
        It’s Just a Human Archetype the Villain a Reflection of the Virus Our Cultures
        have become a Cancer on the Earth no longer Hidden as Orange Flames Fall….
        It’s true
        has returned…..
        Author.. A Father oF all Lies…
        As Worse than Falling on their
        Knees they Remain Silent as the ‘Devil’ Smiles
        Directly at them and seals their fate in Flames NOW…
        ‘Christians’ Still haven’t got the Message that a story sends
        Real ‘Jesus’ is only a Naturist Singing ‘Your Religion’ is Bullshit
        Nature is Real
        So Is
        When US too..
        There is nothing greater
        Than Love Loving iT aLL
        Loving it Real Always Now
        Eternal Bliss in Flow what Love
        ‘they’ Miss they Lose now as flames fall…
        Smiles Meanwhile i Dance Sing for i am Free..
        Now is as Close to Heaven as i will ever be now and all THere is is now
        To: ‘Them’ Forever Seems NoWHere Now From: me Forever is Now A Dance Song Free.. Smiles my Friend that’s what i love about a Free Style Haibun Gem at end..
        just another
        Fredbun to
        Go with Fredku
        And Fredfu for Kung Fu too..
        We all Might Be God and Create
        something from nothing… All oF iT iS A Mute
        Point as long as we Move Connect and Co-Create
        Do Heaven now..
        That All
        Without ‘HoMe’..:)

      4. Smiles my Friend Ted Bundy’s haven’t gone anywhere
        It’s Just that they have Graduated from Killing Young
        Virgins to Killing their Mother Earth They
        Come into this World as born and
        or bred as DarK now..
        Not Fair
        True THeir
        Home is Hell..
        How do we separate
        someone from Orange Flames
        We Do Not now… However they are
        the ones who are disadvantaged most..
        For they are the ones who lack Living Souls…..
        Quite Honestly they are both Genetically and or
        A Culture
        of Death in Flesh and Blood Spirit is the Virus they
        Bring… Priests, Pastors, Politicians, Materialists don’t
        get put in the APA DSM5 Now for the Disease is Hell
        is the Norm
        No Home..
        ‘They’ are the Homeless of Soul..
        i lived for 66 Months without a
        Soul it’s not a place i recommend for Staycation now…

      5. Natural Apocalypse Selection now there’s
        An Idea particularly the Original Greek
        Definition that means Lifting the Veils
        of Ignorance i suppose in a Universe
        Mostly of Hot and Cold Rocks and
        Plenty of Dark Space Still For Rent
        Being Able to Even Lift the Veils of Ignorance
        That Culture Spoon Feeds From Birth is Both
        Gift and Dream Still to Come Free.. as i look out the Window
        the Paradise of the Modest Home i Paid off Years ago and moved
        to as first place for the Forest Behind this Small Ranch Home.. true
        the Real Estate Agent tried to shame me into building a Palatial
        Home saying do Your Really wanna Live in that Neighborhood
        of Small Homes when i was looking for the Biggest Home the only
        Home i really saw same before i could Speak at 4 YearS-Old the Home
        of Nature the Forest the River the Beach of Loving all that is Emerald
        Green Sugar White Sands Sea Gulls Spiraling the Sun Sea Oats Waving
        in the Breeze Hello with Never Good Bye eternally now.. as all i am is
        The Beach the Forest The River Waves Water Particles Field Waves
        Same Different For Change and then i visit Church for my continuing Anthropological
        Study how in the
        World do they
        Fit a God
        So Large
        In Just one
        Man and a 3 Letter
        World smiles my Friend
        my Feathered Next is Blue
        Green Emerald Quartz Sugar
        White Sands A Different Color of
        Flower for Every Day the Brick and
        Mortar Doesn’t Change but my God Lives
        my Backyard Dances and Sings Squirrels
        and me now we inherit this World for those
        who deface it they know not who they are now
        Life is as Holy And Sacred Full of Meaning and
        Purpose as we move it connect it and co-create it
        Some Build Soul And Others Cut Down Forests To Burn their Souls
        Smiles my Friend they have no idea they are Frogs who are boiling..
        most ironically they are the ones who steadily turn the Temperature up..
        Guinea Pig
        Experiment all
        Ignorance Reigns
        the Down Fall of Blind Frogs
        meanwhile i dance sing Green..
        this is only a gift for what i will
        change a
        Rising as Roses Will
        Do Just Coloring Light..:)

      6. Wonderful!
        ‘others cut down forests to burn their souls’

        The roses will rise
        from the blackened thorns
        and their scent will shame the
        heads bowed the eyes averted
        the self-satisfied
        with their sin-bloated god.

    1. “The roses will rise
      from the blackened thorns
      and their scent will shame the
      heads bowed the eyes averted
      the self-satisfied
      with their sin-bloated god.”


      SMiles Dear Jane i surely
      Will not Add or Subtract
      Anything From Humanity’s Fate


      From: Back to
      Forest Green
      Rivers to: Beach..:)

    1. I really don’t understand how the minds work of ordinary people who choose to deny irrefutable scientific evidence. I understand the greed and cold-blooded brutality of the people who profit directly from it, but the others? Because it would require a little effort to change their habits? Because ultimately they just don’t care?

      1. I’m afraid you’re right, Frank. Which is why it’s going to need tough restrictive legislation to push people where they don’t want to go. A real vote-winner, I don’t think. So the politicians won’t do it.

      2. It will take a massive cultural shift. Perhaps one on the order of everyone sharing their spending habits publicly—and all of us shaming those whose spending jeopardizes us all. No easy answers, for sure.

      3. Hard to see how anything much will change as long as the farming lobby is so important. Imagine any government insisting on cutting meat production, cattle and dairy farm sizes, the amount of acreage under animal feed crops? It just won’t happen. The push is towards more and cheaper.

  6. Interesting and engaging direction you’ve taken with your perspective on Amaya’s smoke & mirrors prompt Jane well written. Wish as it will, try as it might — a human cannot change its core.

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