Haikai: Autumn rain

For Frank Tassone’s weekly haikai challenge. There might well be more.


waiting for the rain

in the panting heat and dust

listening to the leaves

hiss like small waves

ebb tide backwash

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

29 thoughts on “Haikai: Autumn rain”

      1. This i meant with “a lot of”. ;-( Its always the same problem. The climate change is showing very sad things. Today here i saw first time a locust, a grasshopper with 10 cm lenght.

      2. :-)) Just heared on France24 (en). Sunday was the France celebration of liberation from the Nazi terror. Very interesting because not even one German TV-station mentioned. 😉

      3. It was low key here. The big celelbration is the Liberation of Paris. Nice was in the news because the first liberators were Spaniards, anti-Franco exiles who went in with just rifles before any tanks or blindés. De Gaulle obviously hated anything that smacked of Communism or even rebellion, for all his exhortations to his compatriots to take up arms. He sidelined all communist sympathisers after the Liberation and the Spanish troops never even got a thank you. It’s just time for a bit of recognition and gratitude.

      4. Not only virtual. How many fascist collabos and criminals have they harboured among the peaceful monks and all-forgiving we know best religious houses?

      5. Common criminals too, as long as they are devout Catholics. Just a few years ago we had a case, a man murdered his wife and four children, sealed their bodies in concrete beneath a new patio then disappeared. He just happened to be an intégriste Catholic. The first place the police thought to look for him was a local monastery…

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