Haiku: Gratitude & Harmony

A senryu trio for Ronovan’s weekly challenge.



is a virtue man

is sadly lacking


peaceful harmony

as difficult to find as

a world leader’s heart



as illusory

as his promises

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

24 thoughts on “Haiku: Gratitude & Harmony”

      1. I certainly meant no personal offense, Jane…many blog posts and comments reflect a hopeless perspective on the current state of affairs…which made me think of the character Eeyore.

      2. I wasn’t being ironical. I’m sure you didn’t mean to cause offence. I didn’t take any either. Just a certain exasperation with the keep smiling attitude when some of us can’t see much to smile about. The world is a very grim place for billions of people.

      3. I agree about the grim-bleak, I feel it, live it and write about it too. Frankly, I consider suicide everyday. Again, I’m sorry–I was ‘preaching’ to myself about being optimistic. I’ll keep it on my own blog ❤

      4. Optimism is as valid as pessimism. Better for mental health too, but a dose of reality is good for all of us. Suicide isn’t something I’ve ever considered. I focus on details to help, but the big picture weighs heavy. Don’t take my irritation to heart. I feel a deep despair about where we’re going, and I see very little around me to give me hope that I’m wrong.

      5. The pendulum always swing back the other way…sometimes circumstance have to hit bottom before they can improve. And that’s my final thought on the subject. Goodnight, or day–Best wishes to you.

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