Only human

For Colleen Chesebro’s weekly challenge. The words are Character & Wild.


Only human nature, they tell us,

the hedonism that means death

and misery for the rest,

the untamed, the poorest,

the invisible,

the mute, have no

weight in this



Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

44 thoughts on “Only human”

      1. We’re getting a shake up but not the one we need! the Amazon forest continues to burn while the Deniers tell us it is not an essential element to our environment. IT is scary Jane.

      2. I don’t understand the ordinary people who feel the need to defend agri-business. What’s in it for them? Why do they get shirty about people who denounce a multinational? Just trolling maybe, but if they’re representative, the world is doomed.

      3. It seems we have 40% of people here who believe whatever they are told and believe it it is in their interest to maintain the status quo and beyond. Guns being number one. The environment means nothing if confronting the issue may negatively affect them in any way. It seems hopeless.

      4. Believe me the streets are not paved in gold. The Ghettos are everywhere, the homeless sleep on the streets. The rich get richer with the help of a huge tax cut to the wealthy that is passed on the poor and middle class. We can’t afford medical care or drugs, etc. There are killings daily, our children are not safe in their schools because our government refuses to limit gun sales and anyone can own an assault weapon. hello America.

      5. Put like that it sounds horrendous. I know that business people here say that labour is much cheaper in the US because even if wages are higher, the employer has to pay very little in social security, pensions, familly allowance charges. In France wages are low, and employers pay almost the same amount again to the state for social security. One reason they like foreign undeclared labour. It means that the majority of people bump along the bottom on the minimum wage, but they know that they will always be able to have health care, their children will all go to school and have free meals if their parents are unemployed, and they will get housing benefit. Neither system is perfect, but ours seems to have created a less violent society. Gun ownership is restricted to the very tiny minority of cretins who think killing wild animals is fun.

      6. I’d much rather have our system. Okay, it means most people never have a great deal of money, but they all get looked after and all kids get to go to university if they want to.

      7. We have a number of very progressive candidates running on our Democratic ticket and though I am not a socialist I believe we are entitled to decent medical care, that it is a right, not a privilege, and that our children should not be saddled for years with education debt. We’ve had a tough time with the present administration who cares only for the wealthy. Wishing us all the best Jane! ❤

  1. EXACTLY! I’ve read all the comments and agree with everyone. WOWSER! The burning of the Amazon rainforest haunts my dreams. I feel like we are at the point of no return. Stupid politicians propelled by avarice and greed… that’s who is running the show. Jane, you are a poetic activist! Your Nonet says it all! ❤

    1. It’s not just the Brazil either. It’s the whole of Amazonia, Congo, Indonesia, Russia. They’re all at it, burning forests to plant crops to supply our industrial meat farms. We need to stop eating meat and pretending we can sustain this kind of wasteful inhuman agriculture. Yes, I’m turning into a windbag eco-warrior 🙂

      1. LOL! Keep speaking your personal truth! Maybe, the more that hear it will reconsider their choices. Seriously, I think our economy would collapse if no one bought meat. I only eat 4 oz of meat a day. That’s it. I get my protein from other sources. ❤

      2. 4 ounces is what I eat in a week, sometimes less. Never red meat, just a bit of chicken occasionally. We’re trying to cut it out altogether. Once you realise you don’t need it, and you see a few video clips of what happens to animals in slaughter houses, it”s easier to stop.

      3. I have two vegan daughters and I’m not inspired by what they eat to be honest. It’s thinking of exciting things to do with beans and lentils that doesn’t involve meat or dairy produce that I find hard. As long as I can have mozzarella or ricotta we manage, but if I can’t have those, it’s going to be tricky. Boring anyway.

      4. That complicates things! I tend not to worry about quantities of protein, given that we all eat too much anyway, especially as we get older and need so much less. As long as I get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, a few eggs a week and pulses in the winter, I reckon I’ll survive.

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